Winners – IV International Caricature Competition on Road Safety Russia 2021

The Winners of The IV International Caricature Competition on Road Safety Russia 2021


The winners are:

Adult category:

1. Mirtad Gazazyan – Yerevan, Armenia (‘Be Happy_Be Safe’)

2. MITRA AZHDARI – Esfahan, IRAN (Adult section – pedestrian safety)

3. Resad Sultanovic – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Road Safety)


4. Malatesh M Garadimani – Karnataka state India

5. Miroslaw HAJNOS – Kozuchow, Poland (Yuri)


1. Paylas Kiraz – Turkey (Father and his Family in Trafic) и


1.Aleksandra Gafarova – Russia (Ural club of cartoonists Cranberry)

2. Fedor Chernyshev – Russia (Ural club of cartoonists Cranberry)

3. Helia Arrow-Shiraz, Iran (father driver)

Congratulations to all winners!

Summing up the results of the IV International Road Safety Cartoons Contest

In Tyumen, the jury selected the winners of the 4th International Road Safety Cartoons Contest. It was organized by the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Tyumen Region and the Russian Automobile Federation. More than 200 works from artists from 45 countries of the world were presented in the competition: Serbia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, India, China, USA, Iran, Turkey, etc.

Caricaturists are united by the idea of making people safe on the roads, no matter what country they are from, the theme is the same and relevant for residents of all countries.

The works were accepted in the adult and children’s section, they will be sent souvenirs, pennants, badges, diplomas. Certificates of participation were electronically sent to all participants. The works of the artists will be used for the release of visual agitation on road safety and we will be able to see them on banners on the streets of Tyumen.


Courtesy: Iran Cartoon

Greetings From: India Toons