Winners & Gallery – XXI. Biennial of Cartoon Humor & Satir – Slovakia 2021

Winners & Gallery  | XXI. Biennial of Cartoon Humor & Satir – Slovakia 2021

Theme:Radio and Television (on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Slovak Television and the 95th anniversary of Slovak Radio)



258 authors
606  drawings
150 Exhibiting authors
53  countries


1st  price: Mihatov Mojmir,  Croatia

2nd price: Krumpolec Vojtech,  Slovakia

3rd price: Mello Silvano,  Brasil

Honorable Mention:

Bélom Jean-Loïc, France

Chernyshev Nicholay,  Russia

Khalil Raed,  Syria

Linek Václav,  Czech republic

Moro Michel,Cuba

Mráz František, Slovakia

Ospina Elena,  Columbia

Shilov Viacheslav,  Russia

Тarasenko Valeri, Russia

Srna Jiří, Czech republic


Courtesy:Iran Cartoon

Greetings From: India Toons

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