Winners – 2nd International Graphic Humor Award «Francisco de Quevedo»-2021

«Quevedo and the economy»
335 illustrators from 55 different countries
have submitted to the contest and that they have submitted a total of 576 works in competition.

Selected 2021

Dear friends, I enclose the list of the winners and finalists in the second edition of the “QuevedoCartoon” Graphic Humor Award for your information and in case you deem it appropriate to make it known on your website.

A cordial greeting. 

Jose Luis Rivas

The Winners:

FIRST PRIZE: Juan Gabriel Benavides, Gabo-Spain

SECOND PRIZE: Juan José Estrada Dopazo-Spain

THIRD PRIZE: Asier Sanz Nieto-Spain

Accésit: David Pintor y Carlos López, Pinto y Chinto-Spain


Eduardo Pérez Baamonde, Eduardo Baamonde-Spain

Ricardo Cámara Lastras, Sir Cámara-Spain

Manuel Arriaga de León-Spain

Antonio Madrigal Collazo, Madrigal-Spain

Iñaki Tovar y José Miguel Moreno, Iñaki y Frencky-Spain

Denri Demma, Den Dede- Indonesia


Greetings From: India Toons