Winners – 11th International TURHAN SELÇUK Cartoon Contest-Turkey 2021

The caricatures that won the prize in the International Turhan Sel çuk Caricature Competition, which was held the eleventh this year, have been announced.

According to this, the first prize was won by

O Oğuz Demir from Turkey,

the second prize was won by Mohsen Jefari from Iran and

the third prize was won by Osama Hajjaj from Jordan.

Jury special prize:
Luc Vernimmen / Belgium

TEMA Foundation Special Award:
Sun Baoxin / China

Schneidertempel Art Center Special Award:
Hilal Ozcan / Turkey

Cumhuriyet Newspaper Special Award:
Emad Salehi / Iran

Labranda Water Special Award:
Reza Rahimi / Iran

Turhan Selçuk’s Profile

Courtesy: Iran Cartoon

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