V All-Ukrainian Open Distance Contest of Decorative and Applied Art “Vizerunky of Slobozhanshchyna ” (“The Patterns of Slobozhanshchyna”)

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine
Department of Culture and Tourism
Kharkiv Regional State Administration
Municipal Institution
“Lozova Professional College of Arts”
Of Kharkiv Regional Council
of the IV All-Ukrainian Open Distance Contest
of Decorative and Applied Art
“Vizerunky of Slobozhanshchyna”
(“The Patterns of Slobozhanshchyna”)
The target of the Contest
 The promotion of decorative and applied arts of Ukraine;
 To develop and support the creative potential of masters and young
people studying and working in the field of arts and crafts, fine arts and design;
 Establishment creative contacts and friendly relations between the
artists of Ukraine and abroad.
The organizer of the Contest is the Municipal Institution “Lozova
Professional College of Arts” of Kharkiv Regional Council with the support of the
Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Department of Culture and
Tourism of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.
For the dates of the registration and competition see the addendum to
the Regulation.
Conditions of participation and registration procedure:
The competition-exhibition is held in two rounds.
1. The first round is the submission of an application and the review of
competitive works by the organizing committee.
2. The second round is the evaluation of competition pieces of art and
the announcement of the winners.
In order to participate in the competition, the contestant must fill in an
electronic application form and upload 2 photos (the photo of your competition
piece of art and your photo with the same one).
Based on the results of the examination of the applications, the organizing
committee of the competition-exhibition checks the compliance of the work with
the specified requirements and sends an e-mail to the address of the contestant in
case of questions about the photo of the work.
Important! Each participant can take part only in one nomination and
with one work (set of works, for example, diptych, triptych, ensemble, set, etc.,
which will be considered as one work).
General requirements for the works:
The compositions should contain decorative (stylized, transformed)
elements, motifs, ornaments and patterns. Ceramic products must be heated.
The work must be creative, self-contained and author’s work (works made
according to ready-made schemes, drawings or templates are not considered and
can be disqualified directly during the competition-exhibition). Also, works that
participated in the competition – exhibition Art “The Patterns of
Slobozhanshchyna” of previous years are not accepted.
Evaluation of works:
All works submitted for the competition are considered by a jury, which
includes leading figures of culture and art. Based on the results of the evaluation of
works, the three best works in each nomination are determined, and their authors
are declared winners. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, as well as the
Grand Prix winners are determined by voting. All the participants of the
competition-exhibition receive the diploma of the participant or winner in
electronic form on e-mail declared at registration.
Criteria for grading of works:
The grading is carried out according to the following criteria:
• the originality of the solution;
• a creative approach;
• mastery of execution;
• compliance with the requirements;
• precision of work.
The winners will be announced on the website page (lvkm.com.ua)
Categories of participants:
1) the category “Amateurs and pupils”: participants who do not have artistic
education, create works for personal self-realization, students of art and secondary
schools, schools of aesthetic education, participants of circles and studios of
cultural institutions under the age of 10.
2) the category “Students and masters”: students of higher education
institutions of all levels of accreditation, students of vocational schools of
specialized artistic direction; artists and masters of fine and decorative and applied
• decorative painting (on wood, glass, levkas (gesso), etc.);
• artistic textiles (embroidery, weaving, etc.);
• batic (cold batic,hot batic, fabric painting);
• Easter eggs decoration (pysankarstvo);
• Paper cut (vytynanky);
• decorative composition;
• appliqué;
• fine Arts (painting,graphics);
• volume-relief composition (sculpture,quilling, jute filigree, relief panel, etc.)
• jewelry and accessories;
• artistic ceramics and pottery;
• poster
Design of works:
The competition work should be clean and neat.
The Competition-Exhibition may be accompanied by the selection of the
organizing committee.
 Exhibition of competitive works in the college;
 Online exhibition on the college website;
 Online (Internet) voting;
 Master classes;
 Workshops, seminars, conferences;
 Award ceremony of winners and participants of the competitionexhibition.
Protection of personal data
By participating in the Exhibition Competition, the Participant and his/her
legal representatives grant the organizer and organizing committee of the
Exhibition Competition the right indefinitely in accordance with the Law of
Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”: to receive, collect, process, register,
accumulate, store, modify, update, use, to disseminate and transmit information
which, in accordance with the requirements of the Law, constitutes personal data.
By the fact of participation in the competition-exhibition and performance of its
actions in accordance with this provision, the contestant confirms the correctness
of the information provided.
The use and dissemination of information that constitutes the personal data
of the Participant and his / her legal representatives, including partners and third
parties, is for the purpose of administering the Concurs to the extent necessary to
ensure the Competition Exhibition, Marketing, and Information, Advertising and /
or any other purpose that is not contrary to the legislation of Ukraine.
The Participant and his / her legal representatives state that each of them as
the subject of personal data is informed about the owner of personal data, the
composition and content of the collected personal data, his / her rights, defined by
the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data», the purpose of collecting his
/ her personal data and persons to which his personal data is transmitted.
By participating in the competition, each contestant and his / her legal
representatives confirms (s) their consent to the free use by the organizer or
organizing committee of information provided by the contestant and its legal
representatives with marketing and / or any other purpose in a way that does not
affect the current legislation of Ukraine (including by transfer to third parties), in
particular for the free use of his / her name, surname, photograph, e-mail address,
interview or other materials about him / them with advertising / marketing
purposes, including the right to publish (including his / her name and photographs)
in the media, any print, audio and video materials, interviews with the media, as
well as to send information, messages (including advertising) character), etc.
without any restrictions on the territory, time and method of use, and such use will
in no way be compensated by the organizer or the organizing committee.
We are looking forward to your creative works!

Acceptance of applications starts from February 1, 2022
Application for participation will be open from 1.02.2022 https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScivvgBrgPg…/closedform
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