(Unfold Dreams) Hope 21 Jury for Caricature Competition
Once again remind you to check the rules and how to send before you enter the contest. If you haven’t joined yet, hurry up, because August 5TH is the last date.

There is no age limit for this competition, not everyone is necessary to participate in both cartoon and caricature category, you can participate in any one, you can upload JPEG or PNG file up to two mb, in the contest You don’t have to file today by registering today, you can participate in the competition by satisfyingly registering by 12 pm on August 5th, no entry will be accepted by mail, given by us Must visit website through link https://unfolddreams.com/web/competition.php.
Thank you 🙏
Courtesy:Mr.Manoj Sinha
Best Wishes From: India Toons