Today Toon From Mr. Hamid Soufi

Who gets a knife and falls to the lives of people after watching this cartoon and this cartoon? Isn’t it the reason for violence?! Is art but the expression of reality? And in the history of art and in many museums of the world, the works of famous and famous artists such as Kawajo and Betichli and… That they drew the picture of the cut head, and in many films the popular directors of this is portrayed and even in our religious carvings and from the reality of Karbala to the paintings of Mohammad Zaman, is this a good advertisement? Or a preventive factor in violence in the language of the image. ?! Do people around the world see this in exhibitions and museums holding a knife and killing their own kind? Yes, nakedness of any evil act and showing that it is clearly ugly and disgusting, causing terror and hatred in society and public thoughts, as seeing the execution scene in public is a bad and devastating effect, but art is something beyond the sign Giving nakedness is an accident, and its aim is to keep and suppress the same naked and ugly appearance.

Courtesy:Hamid Soufi

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