Today Toon – Broken Pen by Cartoonist Mr.Kareem Kalash From Baghdad

Kareem Kalash Born in Baghdad in 1956. Worked in Al-Gomhoria newspaper in 1991. Worked in the media newspaper in 1996. Worked in the Women’s Newspaper in 1997. – Worked in Al-Mustaqbal newspaper in 1998. – Worked as a painter in Youth magazine 1998. – Worked at the Student Voice newspaper in 1998. – Worked in the satirical newspaper Bahloul in 2006. – Worked in Al-Mashriq newspaper in 2007. – Worked in the Turkmen newspaper Al-Qalaa in 2008. A trade union member worked for four terms. – Worked in the satirical newspaper Bahloul in 2006 عام – Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. – Member of the Union of Arab Journalists. – Member of the International Federation of the Press, l.f.j.