The world needs a big delivery Movement of contemporary artists There is no higher calling than serving others

The world needs a big delivery, we must save human life together We are witnesses, Mr. Reey Raz is working around the clock for our world, for water, for the environment and for humans and to save the world and humanity. The movement of contemporary artists in the world and the valuable movement of child survival under the supervision of the Razi Museum contribute to saving our planet and we must be with this movement. Reey Raz is a self – taught artist whose passion for graphic design inspired him to pursue art from a young age . Raz was born in Shahr – e – Rey , Iran in 1983. His artworks have been exhibited internationally and he has illustrated several children’s books . He describes his childhood as a difficult time in his life , and despite the fact that he was unable to pursue his passion for art academically . from a young age , his artworks clearly demonstrated his talent.

Later in life , he studied art and took numerous related courses to gain experience . To empathize with children and adolescents from similar backgrounds who face educational challenges, and to nurture and introduce art and innovation , he has donated one million books to needy children through the Child Survival Campaign . Through this and his current artworks , he aims to fulfil his commitment to the world . About this Collection Many of the Artworks in this collection were inspired by his childhood and the difficulties he faced throughout his life . His primary goal is to visually demonstrate the importance of education as well as the power of the written word and the importance of individual opinions . As a symbol of such values , the Fountain Pen was chosen . Ray Raz is the creator of a pin that defends freedom of speech and women, he also created words for the first time along with their personality type so that you can write and read without a teacher, his famous pen collection are other creative designs that many fans in the world has

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