The Winner of International Semarang Cartoon Festival 2021

Theme: “Human Rights Violations in Cartoonist’s Viewpoint”


1st Prize: Mikhail Zlatkovsky_Russia

Now there are about 100 international contests in the cartoon. Almost 99 percent of the topics of these contests are small topics – “super market”, “weather”, “sports”, “man and woman” and so on. In the last 2 years, the main theme “pandemic” has already bored everyone.

But the main modern topics for humanity are “nuclear disarmament”, “hunger”, “ecology”. In this list, the most important topic is “human rights”, since the implementation of “human rights” allows humanity to resist the main threat to the world – to resist any attempts by the authorities to turn the population into an obedient herd, into a zombie faceless mass in which individual qualities of personality are lost, legitimize totalitarian rule.

It is by the degree of realization of “human rights” in a particular country that we can talk about the degree of democratization in society.

Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, Russia has completely excluded “human rights” from state policy. Now all the freedoms recited in the list of “human rights” are realized only in the space of personal communication – in the so-called “conversations in the kitchen”. Thus, Russia returned to Soviet times.

There was and is a large community of talented satirical artists in Russia. But they are deprived of the opportunity to publish their invectives to the authorities and society. The only creative way out for them is to participate in international competitions.

I am very glad that your competition drew attention to the problem of “human rights”. Success in this initiative, which is so important in the modern world.

And I am very proud that I became a prize winner.

Mikhail Zlatkovsky

2nd Prize: Muhammad Nasir_Indonesia

Legal settlement of cases of gross human rights violations in this beloved country does seem slow and long-winded. As there is no strong and serious will from law enforcers to immediately carry out their obligations. Is it because there is interference from the political will of the rulers? Who knows.

This fact seriously hurts our sense of humanity and justice. Because humans from birth have been gifted by God with human rights that must be upheld by everyone. Have the same freedom, dignity and rights. So people must be treated fairly and civilly.

As cartoonists, we should contribute to encouraging and demanding legal settlement of cases of gross human rights violations that are still ongoing and are like entering an endless dark alley. Because as citizens of course we hope that this country will be stronger by upholding the rule of law that is strong and just.

Cases of serious human rights violations such as the East Timor incident, Tanjung Priok, Abepura, the mysterious shootings, Trisakti, Semanggi 1 and 2, the May 1988 riots, the murder of Munir, Marsinah, enforced disappearances etc. fair and civilized.

Muhammad Nasir

3rd Prize: Nahid Zamani_Iran


Education right is not just about going to school but is about the right of having dreams, hopes, and a lifelong perspective of improvement and happiness. And what is crueler than don’t be allowed to have dreams just because you were born as a girl!

Nahid Zamani