The sixth edition of the World Humor Awards – Margherita Allegri – Italy 2021

The sixth edition of the World Humor Awards held in Bardi, not far from Parma, saw the triumph of the Italian author Margherita Allegri among 250 authors from 75 countries, in this year’s theme “The poisoned planet”, while the Spanish Asier Sanz has won for the Caricature section.

Margherita Allegri (Italy), Golden Trophy for the Cartoons

Francesco Tullio Altan was the Special Guest 2021, while the Buduàr ​​magazine award went to Emilio Isca and the Humor in Comics Award to Leo Ortolani , author of Rat-Man.

Asier Sanz (Spain), Golden Trophy for Caricature

The other awarded authors are the Chinese Yong Zhang , the Norwegian Egil Nyhus , the Argentine Marcelo Guerra and the French Jean-Michel Renault . Excellence Trophy to Milko Dalla Battista (Italy), Gatis Sluka (Latvia) and Agim Sulaj (Albania), Hani Abbas (Palestine), Ali Miraee (Iran), authors of works that have managed to skillfully combine graphic synthesis and humor. The Montanari Prize went to Riccardo Mazzoli “Animazzoli” for the caricature.

Agim Sulaj (Albania), Excellence Trophy

Ali Miraee (Iran), Excellence Trophy

Egil Nyhus (Norway), Bronze Trophy for the Cartoons

Emilio Isca (Italy), Buduàr ​​Prize, Master of Light Art

Enrico Biondi (Italy)

Eugenio Saint Pierre (Italy)

Felipe Galindo – Feggo (USA)

Francesco Tullio Altan (Italy) Special Guest 2021

Gatis Sluka (Latvia), Excellence Prize

Guy Badeaux – Bado (Canada)

Hani Abbas (Palestine), Excellence Trophy

Jean-Michel Renault (France), Bronze Trophy for Caricature

Leo Ortolani (Italy), Humor in Comics Award

Lido Contemori (Italy)

Marcelo Guerra (Argentina), Silver Trophy for Caricature

Marco De Angelis (Italy) – Jury, out of competition

Mariagrazia Quaranta- Gio (Italy)

The jury of this edition was chaired by Guido De Maria and made up of Lucio Trojano , Gianandrea Bianchi , Marco De Angelis , Laura Panini , Regina Vetter , Raffaella Spinazzi , Olivier Raynaud and Marzio Dall’Acqua . The exhibition, curated by Gianandrea Bianchi , the Lepidus Cultural Association and the Cammino Valceno Association, will be exhibited in an itinerant version in various Italian cities.



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