The late great Arab artist Mr.Jumaa Farhat Portrait & Caricature Exhibition

Imad Gomaa, founder and director of the Arab Forum for Caricature Pioneers, in cooperation with the Egyptian Caricature Association, organizes the Caricature Fares exhibition, Farewell, in the hall of the prestigious Al-Ahram newspaper, in mid-November,participate in the exhibition of the late great Arab artist, Jumaa Farhat, in a portrait of him with the participation of a large constellation of Arab artists and around the world, so that each artist expresses in his style and way his love for this Arab artist, loyalty and appreciation to an artist who gave his life For the art of caricature and the issues of his homeland and his nation until the last moments, he deserves to be loyal to him through this exhibition, so please send an email to Certificates of thanks and appreciation will be issued to all


last date< Nov 10th 2021

Best Wishes From:  India Toons