The JURY Committee of the European Cartoon Award – 2022
The European Cartoon Award has two juries: the Laureates one, composed by five nominees of the last edition, and the Panel of Judges, composed by the winner of the last year’s edition together with four expert journalists, cartoonists, or activist.
The Panel of judges:
Janet Anderson, Tom Janssen, Niels Bo Bojesen, Jen Sorensen, Catherine André, Osama Hajjaj, Saeed Sadeghi, Konstantinos Tsanakas, Vitor Neves
Janet Anderson, Tom Janssen
Niels Bo Bojesen, Jen Sorensen
Catherine André, Osama Hajjaj
Saeed Sadeghi, Konstantinos Tsanakas
Vitor Neves
Courtesy: Mr.Fawzy Morsy
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