The first international cartoon competition in Algeria ( alg Best Toons)2023

Theme:The actor, The cinematic character Athmane Ariouet

Topic of the competition:

The first topic : The actor

The second topic : The cinematic character Athmane Ariouet


“Ain Association for cultural creativity” announces the first international competition for Caricatures – Alg Best Toons, under the supervision of the artist: Sakhraoui Tarek

Ghougali zoubir

Abdelghani Benhariza


Works must be :

* Manual or digital and to be sent in A4 dimension 300 dpi resolution

* Participation is limited to one work for each topic

* Full name and country must be written on the back of your works, sakhraoui-tarek-Algeria

*Send a C.V with a photo of the artist


The deadline to send works is : April 5, 2023


Works to be sent to


Awards :

Certificates will be sent to winners via e-mails


Courtesy: Mr. Massoud Shojai Tabatabai

Best Wishes from India Toons