The 5th international Kosova cartoon festival organiz by Kosova Cartoon Association “KrAgi cartoon & art of Kosova in Pristina.
The 5th international Kosova cartoon festival organiz by Kosova Cartoon Association “KrAgi cartoon & art of Kosova in Pristina. 
– Portrait Caricature: Mother Tereza
– Charity 
1st Prize:  500 €
2nd Prize: 300 €
3rd Prize:  200 €
Five Special Prizes
Tow Honorable Prizes
Deadline: January 23, 2023
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Mother of life, love and peace- Our Saint Mother Teresa

Before we consider this story and miracle, the question arises: where did our Gonxja

get such thoughts, orders, attitudes and determinations?

There are two Inexhaustible sources in her life and activity, God – Love and Brother or

Sister-Man. The inspiration came from the ancient Illyrian, Arberian and Albanian

tradition, culture and civilization, from our Canon, blessed and ennobled by the Gospel

of Jesus Christ, its identification with every person: “Whatever you did for one of these

my younger brothers, you did it for me.” (Mt 25, 40)

In other words, the Bojaxhiu family, father Kole and mother Drake, is born. Bernaj – Bojaxhiu, then the “Heart of Christ” parish in Skopje, with good and exemplary priests, are the “cradle” where she was born and grew up for universalism, all-Albanian brotherhood, even all-humanity, for the “gospel” of alive and active for all humanity, without any distinction or exception.

Never has anyone in the history of humanity, as well as Christianity, done what our Mother Teresa did for God – Love and Brother or Sister-Man.

Religious and national are harmoniously interrelated and are expressed as follows: all for God-Love, as well as for Brother or Sister-Man.

Mother of Life

Mother Teresa has valued, honored, loved and supported human life in every corner and place of the world, from gestation to the last groan before passing into eternity. The well-known and very courageous principle was this: “Wherever life is in danger, we must be there.”

The first danger of life is the rejection and destruction of the life of unborn children, abortion or failure. Our good Albanian tradition is based on accepting life and family. caring for children and the elderly. “The house belongs to God and the guest” “We had guests and we saw God.” “There is no home without elders and children” and “Woe to that home without elders and children” good that God brought you

In front of the whole world, with courage, conviction, dedication and love, she said: “The biggest destroyer of peace today is the oil of innocent unborn children. For if a mother

can kill the child in her bosom, what is to stop you and me from killing each other? Abortion is the beginning of all evils in the world” (Oslo, December 10, 1979)

Thus, our Saint has witnessed the culture of life and the civilization of love, as the best response to the fear of new life, the child, and the abandonment of the elderly, “burying” them alive, even before death.

Life is also endangered by poverty, diseases, lack of education and culture, neglect, especially today by selfishness, materialism, consumerism, hedonism and practical atheism, which treats man more as a thing, an object, a work tool and profit, than a subject, person, human being, much less brother or sister.

This is exactly why Mother Teresa said: “The most serious disede is not scurvy or cancer, but the lack of care and love, loneliness…”.

Religion and love inspired and trained Mother Teresa for sacrificial and giving love: “I am the happiest in the world because, 24 hours a day, live with Jesus and for Jesus…”

Mother of Love

Life has meaning, taste, beauty, happiness only in love. The source of life and love is God-Love, who helps us, guides us, enables us to meet, approach and unite with our Brother or Sister-Man.

With her hand and heart, she wrote and gave us this message: “Love begins in the family, and the family that prays together, stays together.” Mother of Peace

Her message to all of us is this: “Without love and sacrifice, life has no meaning. Only love will save the world. Works of love are works of peace.”

The whole life and work of Saint Mother Teresa rests on these three pillars, a message

for us and all of humanity.

Pristina, December 2022                                                                                                                          Don Lush GERGJI

Courtesy: Mr. Agim Krasniqi

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