The 3rd SIIF (Semarang International Illustration Festival) – Indonesia

Theme:Restart,we adapt the new normal during COVID-l9 pandemic

Semarang International Illustration Jeglival

The 3rd SIIF (Semarang International Illustration Festival) is a biennial event which showcases illustration artworks across countries held by Visual Arts Department, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia.
In addition to illustration exhibitions, there will also be some interesting and innovative programs held in this event, such as: national illustration competition and artist talk with the main theme: ‘Restart‘,
which means starting over everything new.
A new spirit in welcoming the post-pandemic transformation.
There are many new habits acquired in the new normal.
Some new things include habits, hobbies, jobs. and lifestyle are changing and bringing a new atmosphere in our life.
These are parts of learning process, as we adapt the new normal during COVID-l9 pandemic.
It’s time that we not only focus on the health and economical crisis, but also recover and grow to become a stronger nation.

Call for Entries:
1. SIIF #3 2021 is open for public and the participation is free of charge.
2. Participants may submit more than one artwork.
3. Participants agree to the terms and conditions established by SIIF #3 2021 committee.
4. Works are created by the participants (Copyright is owned by the participants) and there is no copyright infringement on the work.
5. Works submitted in softfile (JPG / PNG with a minimum resolution of 2400×3600 pixels, landscape / portrait).
6. The submitted work does not contain of pornographic, politic, and race issues.
7. Participants upload the softfile of their work in *.jpg file format with the file syntax (Country)_(Artist Name)_Artwork Photo_(Artwork Title) to the work submission link address https://siif2021.comPtexhibition.
8. The artwork will go through the curation process and committee decissions are inviolable.
9. The artwork’s copyright remains on illustrator.
10.The committee only display the artwork during exhibition and not entitled to commercialize the work in any form.
11. Selected works will be showcased in Virtual Gallery SIIF #3 2021.
12. Submission deadline October 19, 2021

Artwork Submission online



Best Wishes From: India Toons