Shortlist of the 3rd edition of the European Cartoon Award 
We are glad to announce the 16 nominated cartoons for the European Cartoon Award 2022!, the prize we founded in 2019 with Studio Europa Maastricht astricht to recognise courage and quality in the field of cartooning.
The European Cartoon Award 2022 Shortlist is out
Mark your calendars for September 10, when the winner will be announced during an event at the PAS Festival Maastricht!
Keep an eye on our social media: before the winner’s announcement we will present each of the 16 Nominees. Congratulations to all of them!
The Nominees were chosen from the Longlist, the 40 cartoons we revealed last week and that will be on display at the Beeld en Geluid museum in The Hague from September 22.
The ECA 2022 Laureates Jury and Panel of Judges selected the Longlist and Shortlist among hundreds of cartoons. Thank you, Osama Hajjaj, Vitor Neves, Saeed Sadeghi, Konstantinos Tsanakas and Tom Janssen, Janet H. Anderson, Catherine André, Niels Bo Bojesen, Jen Sorensen
On September 10, during the annual PAS Festival Maastricht , we will reveal this year’s winning cartoon!
Best Wishes  From: India Toons