Sepideh Faramarzi

General specifications:

  • Full name: Sepideh Faramarzi
  • Birthplace: Rasht / Iran
  • Date of birth:16/09/1986
  • Graduated with a MSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Medical Sciences

Artistic resumes and awards:

  • Selected International Painting Festival in Morocco (2020)
  • Lecture at the Painting Festival on the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci (2020/Iran)
  • Winner of the Second World Prize (Silver Prize) at the International Competition in SICACO 2019 (South Korea)
  • Winner of Best Caricaturist in international Red Man competition (2019-2020/ china)
  • winner of special mention award of Equal Rights and Gender Equality international cartoon contest (2019-2020/ Norway)
  • Member of the jury of Turkey’s third international BirkitapBindost Festival 2020
  • Representative of Turkey’s Birkitapbindost e-magazine in iran
  • Get a special prize at the International Cartoon Festival in Italy (2018)
  • Getting to the final and catalog 15th international cartoon of kosovo (2018)
  • Getting to the final and catalog in EURO-KARTONALE- Belgium (2019)
  • Get a certificate for participation in Welt Heimat international cartoon Contests 2019(Germany)
  • Getting a certificate for participation in cebu lampoon festival- Philipines (2019)
  • Getting to the final in KalDer Bursa festival cartoon 2019 (Turkey)
  • Cooperation in the judgment in children’s painting competition in Happy Land (Iran, 2019)
  • participate in Best cartoon humer rumanian 2018 and International Poster Festival in South Korea (Seoul/ 2018)
  • Author of several art articles in several art magazines
  • Participate in caricature art workshops
  • Participation in painting and design workshops