Result of “Values of Kuşadası” International Cartoon Contest…

Result of “Values of Kuşadası” International Cartoon Contest…
Kuşadası’s Values International Cartoon Competition has resulted.
From 39 countries participated in the international cartoon competition organized by Kuşadası Municipality.
The international judge of the competition on ′′ Life in Kuşadası ′′ has gathered and determined the artifacts. The International jury, who evaluated the work of 576 cartoonists from 39 countries, awarded 18 cartoons. Turkey’s Askin Ayrancioglu, Fahriye ÇITAKLI, Musa Keklik, Oguz Gürel, Halit survived, Lütfü ÇAKIN, Marian AVramescu from Romania and Brazil, Luis Carlos FERNANDES, has determined the works that deserve to receive an award by choosing cartoon by choosing the cartoon among the works in the final …
Mehmet Atamer from Turkey won the first prize in the competition and Galym Boranbayev from Kazakhstan won the second prize. Mansion workers won Mustafa Yıldız from Turkey, Izabela KOWALSKA and Makhmudjon ESHONKULOV from Uzbekistan.
Marco D ‘ AgOSTINO from Italy, Paulo PINTO from Portugal, from Portugal, Paulo PINTO from Portugal, while receiving the third prize from China to GUO. Omar ZEVALLOS from Peru won the Mansion Awards by Peru, Violet Glass from Turkey and Carlos DUARTE.
Iman NEMATİ from Iran won the first prize in the portrait of Musa Keklik, António SANTOS from Portugal, and the third prize from Ukraine from António SANTOS, and the third prize from Ukraine. Mansion awards were won by Hadith MoradZADEH from Iran, Chen AnyONG and Iran fariba GOLJU from China.
The award-winning cartoons will be shown to Kuşadalı art lovers on September 11th at Kemal Arikan.

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