“Panza Verde Cartoon E-Magazine” published monthly in the digital environment.

The first issue of the magazine “Panza Verde” was published in January 1987 in the province of Entre Ríos (Argentina), with a color cover and 86 pages. His notes, articles and interviews were related to his place of origin and -from the beginning- graphic-written humor, illustrations, caricatures and comics prevailed. Over the years and then decades, its format changed from the initial A4, then tabloid, and now as a library magazine. Although it was always a monthly publication, it was also published fortnightly and nowadays as a station, that is, every three months.

In its new “International” stage that began with No. 370, 36th Anniversary, January 2022 in a digital version on YouTube and on paper in its place of origin, cartoonists from different parts of the world collaborate with a personal page. The last issue was presented with 79 pages and 70 cartoonists. As the arrival of Global Drawing Artists continues and it is difficult to continue increasing their pages, their “bi-monthly” output is being evaluated for the year 2023.

Courtesy: Mr. Rubén Bitz

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