Nobel Prize in Medicine for Svante Pabo
Svante Pabo has been awarded the world’s most prestigious Nobel Prize-2022 for his remarkable contribution in medicine. Pabo was awarded the prize for his discoveries related to human evolution and extinct hominin genes. This was announced by the Nobel team at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Last year, American David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian jointly received the Nobel Prize for their research on heat receptors and body touch. The awarding of the Nobel Prizes, which started with the medical department, will continue for a week. Winners will be announced in Physics on Tuesday, Chemistry on Wednesday and Literature on Thursday. On Friday, the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, and on October 10, the Nobel Prize winners in economics will be announced. Nobel Prize winners receive 10 million Swedish kroner (about $9 million) in cash. These will be presented to the awardees on December 10 this year. It is known that this award is being given to those who have given special services in various fields in the world after the name of Alfred Nobel, who is known as a scientist, engineer and businessman from Sweden. Alfred Nobel died in 1896 and since 1901, these awards have been given annually by his trust.

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