Mr.Agim Krasniqi-KrAgi personal cartoon exhibition organized by “International artistic organization, “Ada Ulke Sanatcilari”

Mr.Agim Krasniqi-KrAgi personal cartoon exhibition organized by “International artistic organization, “Ada Ulke Sanatcilari”

There was many activities and one of the many was exsibition of Agim Krasniqi-KrAgi.also there was activities coloring the stones and driving in nature.The place was LISNIA near Burdur province of ISPARTA in Turkey…This place is knowen as a place witch live in wery natural ambient where is nature untouched and where is producing bio preparation medical product…witch fight many secs of human been.Dayly this place are visited more than 10 touristic buses with tourists from all over the world….in ambient of this natural shopping center where is eweruthing bio was organized my exsibition.I show my 102 cartoons where tourists war fascinated with my work….

Name : Agim
Surname: Krasniqi
Nick name : KrAgi
Contry : Republic of Kosova
City :Pristina

Born on 07. 05.1951. year in Manastir (Bitola ) Macedonia . Profession civil engineer, also finish the high school of
fine arts in Pristina Republic of Kosovo.
With artistic work started in primary school. First works started to publish and the first works was published in the
local newspapers in in 1965. With the newspaper “Zeri I Rinise” than published in the other newspapers as “Tan”,
“Predah”, “Stej”, “Elektron’’, “ Rilindija”,”Jedinstvo” and other national and international newspapers. Also very
successful in the picture and sculpture.

Now Director of board of Kosovo Cartoon Assotiation :”KrAgi” and in same time n Carrier of International Festival
Kosovo Cartoon Association . Working career from 1967 year when print the first cartoon in local newspaper.
-In ex Yugoslavia in 1973 in TV competition for the cartoon with theme :”Yugoslavian on holidays” first place.
-In second saloon cartoon competition in pristine third place
-In Turkey 2009 in international cartoon competition “Nasradin Hoxha” special price of “Aksam “ newspaper
-Acknowledge mints for artistic work in international cartoon and comic books “Xhenet comics” in 2010 in Prizren

-In fifth international cartoon competition “Puliya” festival first place within golden “Puliya”-Cyprus
-In eight international festival for comics book and cartoon averred with the title” Creditable artist” Prizren -Kosova
-Vefqevo Macedonia ” Silver Mask ” 2014
-Skopje Osten Galery Macedonia 2014
Skopje Osten Galery Macedonia 2015

International Aylan Cartoon & Ilustration Exhibition – 2015 Honorable mention
Kuwait Honorable Price 2016
Name : Agim
Surname: Krasniqi
Nick name : KrAgi
Contry : Republic of Kosova
City :Pristina Cyprus Honorable Price 2016
Cyprus Olive Cartoon Contest Finalist 2016
Iran Diploma of Honor International Ailan Cartoon and Illustration exhibition 2016
Turkey Certificate of Appreciation 26-29 September 2016
Turkey Honorable Placket 2016
Macedonia Osten Galery Certificate Outstanding Cartoonist 2016
Turkey Cukorova Cartoon Festival 2017
Turkey Uzead “Dunya Baris Temali “ Placket of thanks January 2017
Turkey “Fena Mizah Magazine” letter of thanks January 2017
Albania from ASA Cultural Center Prize “Best Cartoonist “2017
-Personal exhibition with cartoon and sculpture in gallery “Expoart 40 “ in Prishtina- Kosova
-Personal exhibition with cartoon in national museum in Tirana Albania 21.04.-27.04.2009
-exhibition of personal cartoon with guest from Turkey and Albania in gallery of ministry of culture 01.06.-
-Personal exhibition in PEJA city Kosovo 22.11-22.12.2012.organized from Turkish cultural house “Yunuz Emre”
-Personal exhibition in Prizren city Kosova from 23,12,2012 till 23.01.2013. organized from Turkish cultural house
“Yunuz Emre”
-Also with the other cartoonist in international competitions
-KrAgi name exist in catalogs :”Aydin Dogan “Turkey ,”Porto cartoon “ Portugal, “Eco cartoon “ Brazil, “Car Cartoon “
Croatia, and another places….
– Personal exhibition in Tirana organized from ASA cultural center, from 1-10 May – Tirana Albania
For successful work I am invited to many art colony and symposiums.
Best Regards
Agim Krasniqi
Rr. Bajram Curri 12
Republik of Kosovo
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Courtesy: Madam Keziban Ertuğrul Yildirim

Mr.Agim Krasniqi

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