Memories from Seventh International Forum for Caricature

Dr. Khaled Sorour, Head of the Plastic Arts Sector , Mr. Sabri Said, Head of the External Cultural Relations Sector , and artist Mostafa El Sheikh, President of the Egyptian Caricature Association , inaugurated the Seventh International Caricature Forum, at the Palace of Arts , in the presence of Mr. Francois Cornier de Elsius, Ambassador of Belgium to Egypt, and Mr. Felipe Albarado, Counselor Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Colombia, Ms. Maria Gabriela Fernandez, Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Ecuador, Mr. Eduardo Fargoso, Head of Cultural and Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Mexico, artist George El Bahgory, artist Mohamed Abla, a group of cartoonists, plastic artists, a number of journalists, media professionals and the public

The artist, Fawzi Morsi, Commissaire, said: The International Caricature Forum, in its seventh session, presents more than 130 caricature portraits of the planet of the East Umm Kulthum, drawn by 126 artists from different countries of the world. The West celebrated it as a golden voice and an unparalleled throat that we summon to protect us from the sloppy voices and bad melodies.

t is worth mentioning that the main topic of the forum this year is music, with the participation of 297 artists, fromi 62 Arab and foreign countries, during which they present 400 artworks, which were chosen by a committee that included in its membership the artist Ahmed Alawi, the artist Farouk Moussa, Professor Mohamed Ibrahim Tawfiq, and the artist Samir Abdel Ghani.
The Seventh International Caricature Forum is held under the auspices of Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem , Minister of Culture , and organized by the Plastic Arts Sector , the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector , and the Egyptian Caricature Association