Memories from “Mahakavi Sri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition” prize distribution ceremony
“Mahakavi Sri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition” prize distribution ceremony

Prize giving ceremony to the winners of ‘Mahakavi Shri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition’ organized by SriSri Sahithyanidhi Vijayawada & at Tagore Library, Vijayawada under the management of X Ray Sahitya Sankara Seva Sanstha on 09-10-2022 Sunday Sat. At 6:00 p.m. it was solemnized. Sri Sri Sahitya Nidhi Convenor Singampally Ashok Kumar introduced the chief guests and invited them on stage. Mr. Kolluri acted as the chairman of the meeting and expressed his attachment and admiration for Mr. Shri. He said that it is very gratifying to print the pictures drawn by the painters in the form of a book. Sri Sri Sahatyanidi convenor Ashok Kumar congratulated the winners of this competition and paid the cost of printing the book. People who admire a poet so much are rare. Ashok Kumar, who has published more than 140 books about a poet, is to be congratulated.

The special issue of ‘Mahakavi Sri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition’ was launched at the hands of Mr. Giridhar. He also congratulated Kala Sagar who organized the ‘Mahakavi Sri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition’ and created a beautiful book with the competition pictures. Kalasagar has always encouraged painters through such programs. Chalapaka Prakash reviewed this book and said that the portraits – caricatures painted by painters in many ways are very wonderful. Later, the first prize for portraits was awarded to Anthoti Prabhakar, the second prize to Kota Ravindra, and the third prize to Babji K. Macharla, at the hands of Kaile Anil Kumar, Member of Parliament of Pamarru Constituency as the Chief Guest. The first prize in caricature was awarded to Raju Mettu, the second prize to Madhu Manda, the third prize to Rajasekhar and 12 other people were awarded incentive cash prizes. After that, Kayle Anil Kumar said that there is a need for writings that affect the society. Writers should work in that direction.

Kalasagar garu, editor of, organizer of Sri Sri Caricature & Portrait Competition, said that about 154 artists participated in this competition not only from two Telugu states but also from Orissa, Karnataka states and America. Congratulation to Sri Sri Sahitya Nidhi and everyone involved in painting. Secretary of X Ray, Anjaneyarajugaru ended the meeting with a salute.

Many painters, literati and literature lovers from both the states participated in this programme

Courtesy: Mr. Kala Sagar Yellapu 

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