Memories from (IIC)15th Anniversary of the Indian Cartoon Gallery

Few words from Cartoonists:

It was a great honour when IIC gave me the big responsibility to be the Editor of their first Annual ‘CartoonistsIndia’, released on Jul 2 as part of 15th Anniversary celebration of Indian Cartoon Gallery.
Thanks to the Editorial team, especially to founder Venkatesh G. Narendra sir for all his guidance and advice, making every arrangement so that our dream magazine can be published on time, and Vinayak Pai for his ideas and patience in doing those painstaking reviews. It was truly a pleasure working together on this prestigious project.
Our sincere gratitude to all contributors, eminent cartoonists, historians, family members of the legendary cartoonists, without their wholehearted support this volume wouldn’t have been possible. We hope that it will be liked by all and an authentic reference for future generations of cartoonists and researchers. 🙏🏻

Vinayak Pai:

It was a wonderful experience being Assistant Editor to this publication in the august company of Editor ( and an accomplished cartoonist) Bibek Sengupta and Editor-in-chief Venkatesh G. Narendra (legendary cartoonist and founder Indian Institute of Cartoonists).

Being part of creation of a cartoon magazine was a childhood dream. Thanks to IIC.
Buy and gift this book to those who will be inspired. We have had great Cartoonists in the past and at present. We can do with thousands of more cartoonists who will inform, draw attention, educate with humour.
India’s first cartoonist annual “Cartoonists India” episode was released today on the occasion of 15th anniversary of Indian Institute of Cartoonists. In this collectable issue, there is an article about Karnataka’s cartoon history.

Courtesy:Indian Institute of Cartoonists

Mr. Venkatesh G. Narendra.

Mr. Bibek Sengupta

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