-Birthday      :   1957  Gerede- Turkey

-Education    : Turkish  Military Academy Electrical and Electronics Engineering

-Career           :   Retired Colonel-Cartoonist


        – Teaching Cartoon Online,

        – Makes cartoon live tv shows

         –  In addition, his cartoons are published and exhibited in various magazines, newspapers and websites in Turkey and abroad.

           – Has many awards, one of which is world runner-up.

          – One of his cartoons was published in German textbooks.

 -Online cartoon education programs:

   –He founded the Global Cartoon Club in 2014 and organized a weekly live cartoon show on Global TV between 2014-2019, where cartoonists from Turkey and abroad were also hosted.

  –Since 2019,’’ Tuzer online Karükatürhane ‘’has been organizing a weekly live cartoon program hosted by national and international cartoonists.

 -TV programs he has performed:

  – TRT (Turkey Radio and Television Corporation) Line 26-episode Hatt-ı Mizah (cartoon humor) programme,

 – “Common Language” cartoon program hosted by international cartoonists on Başkent Postası TV Ortak Dil programme.

  -Caricature he prepared by Publications:

  -Başkent Postası Newspaper international humor supplement.


  • In the international competition about the Srebenica massacre organized by the Izmir Bosnian Association; world runner-up.
  • In the competition organized by the Municipality of Marmaris; mention.
  • In the “justice” contest organized by Izmir Bayraklı Municipality; Mention.
  • In the “chemistry for peace” competition organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Chemical Engineers; Mention.
  • Çalışma ve Sosyal Güvenlik Bakanlığı’nın düzenlediği ‘İşyerlerinde Mobbing’ konulu yarışmada; mansiyon.

Cartoons published in national and international media


  1. In the United States of America; In ‘Sultan Magazine’ magazines and newspapers,
  2. In India; In the “Cartoon Watch” magazine,
  3. In Romania; In ‘Forum’ magazine,
  4. In Egypt; In ‘Paharohs’ magazine,
  5. In the ‘Eurocanlar’ magazine published in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway,
  6. In the publication of the European Cartoon Center in Belgium,
  7. A caricature of it has been published in the textbooks used in Germany.


       1 ‘Fenamizah’ magazine is in the corner named Üvendire,

       2 Published in Izmir and Ankara; In ‘Parsley’ magazine,

       3 TESUD ‘Association’s magazine (Turkey Retired Officers Association publication)

  1. Gerede magazine of GERKAV,
  2. Daily Gerede Media Following Newspaper and weekly Gerede Newspaper and ‘Geredenet’ website,
  3. Ankara Çayyolu magazine in the humor corner
  4. In Gallipoli Magazine ,
  5. In the drawings corner of the Cumhuriyet newspaper,
  6. TMMO EMO Electrical Engineering magazine.

       10.ÇANGAL humor magazine.

       11.BAŞKENT POSTASI  Montlly Newspaper

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other matters

We have published cartoons of nearly 300 cartoonists from 60 countries in the monthly newspaper of the capital

We continue to publish the works of different cartoonists from more than 10-15  different countries every month.

We also host artists from different countries on our live TV broadcast every week.

We have hosted nearly 200 artists from more than 40 countries so far.

We continue to host guests from all over the world, both in the newspaper and live on TV.

Cartoon is the common language of the world and that’s why the name of our TV program is also the common language.

Anyone can send cartoons to our newspaper and participate in our live TV broadcast. of course within the plan we will make

My advice to young artists from all over the world is to read a lot, travel a lot and draw a lot.

Let them meet artists from other countries of the world

this is possible today because the technological possibilities are so many

we also try to support us with our live TV broadcast and the pages we reserve for world artists in our monthly newspaper.

The cartoonist is smart and clever, he/she must know the cultures of all countries, and he is respectful of all kinds of beliefs, he is peace-loving

All people are brothers, all artists and especially cartoonists are brothers.

Greetings From:India Toons