Kalasagar Yellapu

Kalasagar Yallapu

Kalasagar is a painter, cartoonist and art critic. Born in 1971 in Manchili, a village in West Godavari district. The mother and father are Yellapu Narasimha Murthy and Lakshmikantham.

He has a Diploma in Painting and Journalism and since 1993 he has been a painter and illustrator in various publications and magazines. He worked for 10 years as a graphic designer in a software company.

He founded the Andhra Artist, Sculptors and Cartoonist Association (AASCA) in 2001 and published the Andhra Kaladarshini, Artist Handbook with the introduction of about 500 artists, sculptors and cartoonists from across the state in the last fifteen years. These books have helped to establish a report and recognition among artists.

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the birth of the Telugu cartoon in 2005, the first Telugu cartoonist Talisetti Rama Rao published a book titled Telugu Cartoonists – Cartoons’ with introductions – from hundreds to today’s cartoonists. AASCA is the founding secretary of several states across the stateHe was organized sevaral painting, cartoon competitions, exhibitions and training camps.
In 2010, Web Magazine was launched under the name 64kalalu.com to promote and educate artists from any part of the world. He is currently the editor of this web magazine. It contains information on the arts. Everybody who has internet facility can read. Hundreds of articles have been written in various magazines on art and popular artists in popular magazines.
He received the “Best Cartoonist” award at the International Cartoon Competition organized by the World Health Organization on the occasion of ‘Anti-Tobacco Day’ in 2006. In 2010, he won the ‘Chitrakala Vyjayanthi’ puraskaram at the Konaseema Chitrakalaparishat Amalapuram.

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