Jury members of the International ‘Palestine’ Art Competition in Malaysia
Jury members of the International ‘Palestine’ Art Competition in Malaysia
Assoc. Prof. Ahamad Tarmizi – Malaysia
Rossem – Malaysia
Dr. Arif Datoem – Indonesia
Haris Abadi – Malaysia
Fadi Abou Hassan – Palestine


1) The international ‘Palestine’ Art Competition is open to local and foreign artists.

2) The Theme is ‘Palestine’

3) Aged 18 years and above.

4) Registration is free

5) The work is ready in visual forms (2D) such as batik, photography, illustration, painting, drawing, silkscreen, and collage).

6) Entries are for individuals only and only allow one person to submit ONE entry.

7) Free media (harmless)

8) Minimum size 61 cm X 91 cm while maximum 121 cm X 121 cm (with frame)

9) Works must be submitted online by 16 July 2021 (300DPi picture quality) along with an ‘artist statement’ not exceeding 300 words on the entry form.
10) The selection of the work will go through 2 PHASES.

PHASE 1: Digital pre-circle selection through sent photos

via Google forms

PHASE 2: Final stage assessment will be made Physical (work required

sent if selected for exhibition)

11) The jobs of participants who qualify for the Final Stage will be notified via email/telephone.

12) – The work must be produced by the artist himself. Any participant found to have submitted more than one entry will be disqualified.

13) All artwork will be judged based on the following criteria and each criterion will carry 25%:

– Originality and creativity

- Concepts and ideas

- Use of simple / Artistic finishes

- Overview

14) All costs incurred to participate in this competition (including framing and delivery of artwork) will be fully borne by the participants.

15) Selected works will be displayed online and physically (venue to be announced later)

16) Gifts as follows:

1st Prizes RM 2500 + with certificate of participation + T-shirt

2nd Prizes RM 1500 + with certificate of participation + T-shirt

3rd Prizes RM 1000 + certificate of participation + T-shirt

4th and 5th Prizes RM 500 x 2 + certificate of participation + T-shirt

6th to 10th Prizes + T-shirt + Voucher RM100 (Kopi Mesin)

Consolation T-shirt + with certificate of participation x 15 people

17) The Organizer reserves the right to use any photographs of the work for promotional and publication purposes.

18) By participating in this contest, entrants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the contest contained herein (terms and conditions) and the decision of the Organizer is final and binding in all respects.

19) Unsold works will be given time to (1 month) be picked up after the exhibition session. Unclaimed works from the specified date/period will become the property of the organizer.

20) 50% of the sale of the work will be donated to Palestinian funds and 50% to participants.

21) The author must put/suggest the price of the work for sale and the organizer reserves the right to change the price of the work accordingly (subject to terms and conditions).

22) Judges and competition organizers cannot participate in the competition.

Courtesy:Fadi Abou Hassan & Egypt Cartoon

Best Wishes From: India Toons