Izmir Metropolitan Municipality international Cartoon Contest 2021



The United Nations (UN) was founded following the Second World War by 51 countries including Turkey on October 24, 1945, to realize the noble humanity vision of securing international peace and providing security, supporting sustainable development and safeguarding human rights. Turkey, as a founding member of the United Nations, plays an important role in the fulfillment of various duties of the organization from peacekeeping and peace building to improving the lives of people in need around the world.

UN Turkey and its partners work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals: The 17 ambitious goals in connection with each other aim to solve the problems faced by people all over the world, including Turkey. One of these goals is GENDER MAINSTREAMING. We can explain the gender mainstreaming, which is the main goal here, within the following scopes:

• Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere,

• Eliminating all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private domains, including woman trafficking and sexual and all forms of abuse,

• Eliminating child marriage, early forced marriage and all harmful practices against women,

• Making policies of public services, infrastructure and social protection regarding unpaid care and housework, and recognition and appreciation of responsibility within the household and family through improving the sharing of responsibility in a nationally appropriate manner, and;

• Ensuring women’s full and effective participation in decision-making processes of political, economic and social life and equal opportunities for women to exist in decision-making leadership mechanisms.

IZMIR and especially IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality, which has become a leading example for Turkey with exemplary efforts towards improving the lives of women and girls, is a part “Women Friendly Cities Program” since 2006 and carries the distinction of being the first metropolitan province in being so. This was documented by the “Women Friendly City Certificate” issued in 2009. We can define a “Women Friendly City” in general as a city where the urban rights of women are realized, their participation in local decision-making processes and decision-making mechanisms is ensured, local equality policies that improve women’s living conditions and ensure equality of women and men in all areas of life are established, and local services are provided through embedding these policies in the understanding of local government. Established in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, “Directorate of Women’s studies” sets an example for the sustainability and permanence of the Women Friendly Cities program. Besides, there are Women’s Shelters; “Key” Integrated Service Center; Fairy-Tale Houses for women with children; Vocational Factories that prepare women for Employment and Entrepreneurship; and Equality Unit.

Women managers are an example of the given priority of the number of female employees and female employment. IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality gives training on Gender Mainstreaming and provides services that facilitate the life of women in the city while taking into consideration of their rights and freedom through awareness-raising activities carried out on special days including November 25 Combating Violence Against Women; March 8 International Women’s Day, December 5 Turkish Women’s Right to elect and to be elected, and through conducting mutual work and well-attended meetings with NGOs and Trade Associations.




OBJECTIVE: Cartoonists! Empowering women means empowering the world: Think, draw … Show everyone what comes to mind when you think about women’s rights and empowerment. The areas of interest of our Cartoon contest are as follows.

You can get inspired by the following subjects and much more:

– Women and the Environment – Women in Power and Decision Making -Girls- Women and the Economy – Women and Poverty – Violence against Women – Human Rights of Women – Education of Women

– Institutional Mechanisms for the Improvement of Women – Women and Health – Women and Media.




1. The contest is organized nationally and internationally and is open to amateur and professional cartoonists all over the world.

2. Cartoons that do not abide by the general rules of ethics, that contain insults, serve political purposes, violate personal rights and contain statements that may constitute a crime will be excluded from the contest.

3. Relatives of the selection committee members cannot participate in the contest.

4. Drawing technique is free. Competitors are required to fill in and send the participation form. By completing the participation form, the participant declares and acknowledges his/her consent in advance that he/she is the owner of the work of cartoon(s) that he/she will participate in the contest with and is vested with these work(s) and the participant grants license to IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality as defined under the provisions of Articles numbered 21-25 of the Law of Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, as the economic rights of communication to the public in the form of a non-exclusive license, without limitation of any place, time and number, and in a way that includes the right to transfer to third parties by means of processing, reproducing, disseminating, representing and transferring signs, sounds and/or images and that IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality may use the cartoon(s) in any way it wishes by exhibiting, keeping in the archive, reproducing and publishing on the internet and in other ways, and furthermore, the participant cannot claim any price from the Municipality for this reason.

5. Cartoons will only be admitted to the specified e-mail address through the internet. Cartoon sizes should be maximum A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) and 300 dpi resolution in RGB and jpg format. They should be sent without using a compression program such as ZIP or RAR.

6. Cartoons to be sent should not have been awarded in any national or international contest before. Cartoons that the selection committee deems the same or similar or that belong to another cartoonist will not be evaluated.

7. The Cartoons that made it to the finals against similar claims will be exhibited on IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality website and social media for a week. Objections received after this period will not be taken into consideration and the decision of the jury will be final.

8.  Cartoons that are found to be similar will be excluded from the contest. In the event of such a determination, the works selected as a backup will be awarded. The participant will be responsible for any possible discussions and stolen and similar claims.

9. Participants can send a maximum of 5 Cartoons.

10. Cartoons should be sent to the ibbcartoon@gmail.com address with the title of “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality International Cartoon Contest” until February 1, 2021, at 17:00.

11. The money awards won by the participants in the contest will be transferred to the bank IBAN that they have sent us. The award winner must complete, sign and send the required documents, along with the IBAN. Situations that may arise due to the failure of the award owner to declare the IBAN or to be unable to receive the award price due to various reasons expire at the end of 1 year after the results are announced. In the event of a time-lapse, the right holder cannot demand any awards, royalties, etc. In case of disputes that may arise between the IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality and the participant, the jury’s arbitration is sought first, if no result is reached, IZMIR Courts will be authorized to resolve the disputes.

12. Among the cartoons sent to the contest, the works selected by the jury and deemed worthy of the exhibition will be collected in an album to be organized by IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality. This album will only be sent to the participants who were placed in the contest and whose work was published. No additional fee is paid for the works selected for the album.

13. At the end of the contest, the works which have won an award, honorary mention, gained the right to be exhibited and to be put in the album will belong to IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality indefinitely together with the owner of the work based on the processing defined in Article 21, reproduction defined in Article 22, dissemination defined in Article 23, representation defined in Article 24, and the economic rights of communication to the public by means of transferring signs, sounds and/or images defined in Article 25 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846. Within the framework of these rights, IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality can use or provide the usage of the work indefinitely within or outside of Turkey, in Turkish or in any other world languages, in all kinds of media and material content by specifying the name of the author. No additional fee is paid for the works selected for these uses. No fees will be paid to the Consultant Members who take part in the contest. All participants who submit their work to the contest are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.


First Prize : 15,000 TL

Second Prize : 10,000 TL

Third Prize : 5,000 TL

Honorable Mention (3): 2,000 TL


Cemalettin Güzeloğlu – Cartoonist

Canol Kocagöz – Cartoonist

Eray Özbek – Cartoonist

Menekşe Çam – Cartoonist

Görkem Şengüler – Illustrator

Hilal Bayındır – Illustrator


Neptün Soyer – Teacher

Izel Zenginobuz – IMM (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality) Deputy Chairman of Child and Family Commission, Lawyer

Nilay Kökkılınç – IMM Head of Gender Mainstreaming Commission, Lawyer


Ömer Çam – IMM Directorate of Vocational Factory, Cartoonist

Mert Gültekin – IMM Directorate of Culture and Art


The deadline is until February 1, 2021, at 17:00.

The jury evaluation meeting will be held on February 5, 2021.

The publication of the final works will be announced on 8 February 2021. The final results of the contest will be announced on 15 February 2021.

The cartoons deemed worthy of the exhibition by the jury will be exhibited at the date; time and place determined by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Note: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality reserves the right to make changes in this specification if deemed necessary.


Courtesy:Ömer Çam

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