Italian cartoonist Mr. Marco De Angelis Exhibition from 3rd to 24th September 2022 at the Indian Cartoon Gallery, Bengaluru – India

IIC will be organising an exhibition of selected best works of an Award winning Italian cartoonist Mr. Marco De Angelis from 3rd to 24th September 2022 at the Indian Cartoon Gallery, Bengaluru. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Marco De Angelis was bom in Rome, Italy, in 1955. He is professional journalist, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. He published from ’75 on 200 dailies and magazines in Italy, Europe and USA: Il Popolo, La Repubblica (he was journalist in these dailies), Il Messaggero, Metropoli, Il Mattino, Grazia, Gialli Mondadori, Panorama, Lavorare, Help!, Travaso, Marc’Aurelio, ComicArt, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times. Chicago Tribune, Vancouver Sun, Tampa Tribune, Herald Tribune, Courrier International, Le Monde, Nebelspalter, Eulenspiegel, Jez, Feferon, Szpilki, etc.

The New York Times Syndicate distribute around the world many of his editorial cartoons His works are published also in many websites. He is editor in chief and one of the creators of the magazine online Buduar. He is lustrator of many children’s books for important publishers like Gunt. De Agostini, La Scuola, San Paolo, Lapis, European Language Institute (28 reviews in 30 Countries) As graphic designer he had many collaborations with important associations, RAI TV and TeleMontecario televisions

He won over 130 awards: Golden Palm in Bordighera (97), Prize Council of Europe (78 and 901 S Valentino (2005) 1st Prize in Istanbul (1987 and 2016) Tehran, Tokyo Krusevac Amsterdam Belgrade, Skopje, Bjelovar Galat, Montreal Onawa, Olen Pans Patola Pescara, Chieh Cinta o Castelo, Dolo, Trento, Fano, Genova Two books with his ostrations was awarded with two important prizes in Italy Member of several junes and editor for Italy of Witty World His works are exposed in museums of Tolentino Skopje Istanbul Tehran, Stockholm Boca Raton and others


Courtesy:Indian Institute of Cartoonists

Mr. Venkatesh G. Narendra

Mr.Naganath Gowripura

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