International Festival of Graphic Humour

International Festival of Graphic Humour

The Graphic Festival Association has prepared the 17th International Festival of Graphic Humor, an exhibition dedicated to humor about Space and consisting of illustrations, drawings and caricatures by national and international authors. This proposal stemmed from the nomination of the City of Colleferro as European Space Capital 2022.

The unprecedented, high level exhibition, unique in the Lazio Region, and recognized as one of the few nationally and internationally, compares the best pencils on the theme of Space, with the title “Conquering the Space Smile,” in strokes of imagination, inventions, reflections and healthy fun.

It is also a issue considering that in November 2021, the second annual Council of Mayors of the cities that are members of the CVA (Communauté des Villes Ariane – Community of Ariane Cities), the association that groups European cities and industrial companies working in the field of European space transportation and of which the Municipality of Colleferro is a member, was held at the headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Bordeaux.

The exhibition deals in a reasoned form with the theme of Space in all its aspects, observed by authors from all over the world with an attentive 360° look, to compare cultures, ideas, fantasies and inventions, trying to sensitize the viewer with healthy and biting humor, in a comparison between artists from the five continents. It is an international event that makes available to a heterogeneous audience the best pencils, capable of telling with humor and with a language of fast communication, gaining not only smiles, but thoughts and reflections.

In times of pandemic or post-pandemic and of war, we think that such an effective medicine, as is the language of graphic humor, is the right one to provoke smiles and cheerful thoughts on a new and funny topic, treated within such an original event as the exhibition “Conquering the Space Smile.”

Through Graphic Humor, a medium of great communication, the exhibition route will quickly engage the viewers thanks to the 30 years’ experience of our Association, which has the guarantee and credibility of more than 50 events held in Italy and abroad in this field.

We have invited the 100 best authors from 34 countries around the World, skilled jugglers of images and intelligent observers of reality and people’s souls; artists who know how to put their pencils and colors at the disposal of cosmic art and culture at all times.

Julio Lubetkin / Artistic Director International Festival of Graphic Humor

Courtesy: Mr. Massoud Shojai Tabatabai

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