IndiaToons express our deepest condolences for the death of Mr. Darminto M Sudarmo

Darminto M. Sudarmo (born March 23, 1956) is an artiat nationality Indonesia . His name is widely known through his writings, short stories , poems , and cartoons published in various mass media in Indonesia . Darminto M. Sudarmo was one of the founders of the Kaliwungu Cartoon Community (Kokkang) with Itos Boedi Santoso in 1981, Darminto M. Sudarmo was born in Kendal, Central Java, March 23, 1956. From a young age he was familiar with the world of art, especially writing and drawing. He made his debut as a cartoonist when he was in the second grade of junior high school. His first work was published in Panjebar Spirit Magazine , Surabaya ( 1973 .).). After that he became more and more active in sending cartoons to various regional mass media and capital cities. There are three initials that are often used to mark his cartoon works, namely Odios, Mas Dar, and Dar MS. As for his writings, Darminto uses the names Odios Arminto (Odios) and Atin Supriyatin. Apart from drawing cartoons, Darminto is also active in writing articles, short stories, poetry, and journalistic reports. During his high school education in Semarang, his pictures and writings adorned the Bina Weekly , a newspaper owned by Perhutani , published in Semarang . During that period (1973-1976) his pictures and writings appeared in Aktuil, Variations, Junior, Berita Yudha, Yudha Minggu , and Symphony . On1977 , he did not continue his studies but worked in a Jakarta gallery as a motif designer. It was only in 1979 that he studied at the IKIP Semarang . It was at that college that his drawing skills were honed

  • Writes articles/columns on socio-cultural issues, including comedy and humor in Kompas, Kontan, Surabaya Post, Suara Merdeka, People’s Sovereignty, People’s Thoughts, Sinar Harapan, Suara Pembaruan, Vista TV, Panji Masjarakat, Gatra, Horison, Multi* 2000, Characters , and HumOr ( 1982 to present)
  • Writes short stories, serials, poems in various mass media.
  • Writes screenplays for comedy soap operas for television.
  • From 1973 to 1987 , drew cartoons for Intisari, Kompas, Suara Update, Matra , and Mutiara
  • In 1989 – 1991 held a painting exhibition together with painters from Semarang, Jakarta and Yogyakarta
  • Become a speaker about cartoons/humor/comedy in various communities
  • Writing a book about jokes and philosophical humor
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti Revolution Comic (PT Pustaka Delapratasa, Jakarta, 1999)
  • Indonesian Comics Looted (PT Pustaka Delapratasa, Jakarta, 1999)
  • Everyday Jokes (PT Pustaka Delapratasa, Jakarta, 1999)
  • Jokes Between Nations 1 & 2 (PT Pustaka Delapratasa, Jakarta, 1999)
  • Intimate Jokes (PT Pustaka Delapratasa, Jakarta, 1999)
  • Democracy Guyon (Kombat Publishers, Jakarta, 2003)
  • Guyon SexGar (Kombat Publishers, Jakarta, 2003)
  • Political Guyon (Kombat Publishers, Jakarta, 2003)
  • Anatomy of Jokes in Indonesia (Compass Book Publisher, 2004)
  • How to Be A Good Comedian (Kombat Publishers, 2006)
  • HQ-Humor Quotient – ​​Humor Intelligence (Kombat Publishers, 2013)
  • Republic of Clowns (Home – Intrans Publishing, 2014),
  • Jokes is Power (Kombat Publishers, 2015)

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