Imagination Forum for Creativity Treasures announces a competition to design a logo suitable for an institution
The Imagination Forum for Creativity Treasures announces:
A competition to design a logo suitable for an institution, an association, a forum, a magazine and a store specialized in all different products and a brand.
– The design can be one design that includes all of the above, and it can be customized for each party, taking into account maintaining the spirit of formation as one integrated logo subject to the IFCT.
– It can also be in Arabic or English.
– It is allowed to use these letters IFCT  within the configuration.
– In making the logo, it is necessary to be innovative, original and distinctive.
– Please send your works to this e-mail and write “Logo” in the subject line of the e-mail:
– Taking into account sending a personal photo and a brief about the designer to make a press article about the winner translated into more than one language through the Egyptian Foundation’s IFCT audio magazine.
– The winner is also awarded Certificate of honorary doctorate.Best regards
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Plastic Artist: Sally Al-Qassas
Courtesy: Madam Sally Al-Qassas
Best wishes from India Toons