HEAVENLY ARTIST for THE DIVINE CHILDREN* *Heavenly Artist for the Divine Children
*HEAVENLY ARTIST for THE DIVINE CHILDREN* *Heavenly artist for the divine children*
Children, *Badusha* known as *Cartoon Man* was an artist who loved the children with the signature of the special God and tried to do what he could for their development. Cartoon artists’ group *Cartoon Club of Kerala* is preparing a day for our children in memory of the artist who left us completely unexpectedly due to Covid infection last June 2nd *Petles Globe Foundation, a volunteer organization that stands for parents and teachers. *
In the courtyard of *Loram Wellness Care* in Panambilli Nagar, the current program is being organized under the name of “*HEAVENLY ARTIST for THE DIVINE CHILDREN* *Heavenly Artist for Divine Children* *:
From morning *9* to *10.30* on the topic ” *SPECIAL CHILDREN & SPECIAL EDUCATION*” the artists of Cartoon Club of Kerala have joined together in a two foot long big canvas in the presence of children and parents in a *Doodil V Time* will be set up.
Following that from *10.45* to *12.30* after the exchange of ideas between children, artists and children’s coaches who are part of the voluntary organization, children and artists will also organize a *COLLECTIVE DRAWING* or *group drawing*. And with that being said,
Small entertainment events and competitions will debut with this. Prizes and certificates for art camp participation will be given to all the children participating in this event.
With love and respect,
Team *Cartoon Man* *June 2*
Courtesy: Mr.Shanawaz Mudickal