Graphic Designer Mr.Masoud Saffari From Tehran, Iran

Gholamreza (Masoud) Saffari was born in 1991. He had worked as a graphic designer for more than 10 years and cooperated with many companies and organizations in his country. His posters have been exhibited in more than 100 exhibitions around the world including: USA, China, Russia, Japan, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Cyprus, México, Switzerland, India, Spain, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Slovak Republic, Italy and etc. He also won around ten awards from China, Russia, India and etc.

He received his bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in e-business management in Iran and received his DBA in Business Intelligence from USA. He is an Instructor, BI developer and consultant. He also translated three books in the fields of Knowledge management and problem solving theories.

Here is the list of a few of his exhibitions:

FAMAFEST, Spain, 2022

Graphic Stories Cyprus,2022

In unity is power, Russia,2022

Post Human, Indonesia, 2022

Project 01, Iran, 2022

Typeposter Design Exhibition,Ind, 2022


Cow design biennial 2021, Ukrain

Linear Equation, Ukrain,2022

Iraq 100 exhibition, Iraq,2022

The World After Poster Contest,2021,, USA

Jon Rojilich 100, 2021, Poland,

4thblock Poster Contest, 2021, Ukraine

Making ICH Visible, 2021,China

From Chernobyl to COVID, 2021, USA

Cow Design Biennale, 2020, Ukraine

CIDEA, 2021, China

Terrikon, 2021, Ukraine

Inspiring Women, 2021, Turkey

Red Zone, 2020, Russia

VIDAK, 2021, Korea

Break Down the Walls, 2021,, Cyprus

Calanca Biennale, 2020, Switzerland

CDAK, 2020, Korea

NGUMBARA, 2020, Indonesia

Nurbut xxi, 2020, USA

Christmas with Santa Claus, 2020, Italy

EKOPLAKAT Triennial, 2020, Slovak Republic

Pado Biennial 2021.Pakistan

Plakat Fest, 2020, Poland

Madrid Grafica, 2020, Spain

Mankind’s Fragile Heritage, 2020, Russia

World Book Day, 2020, China

6th Moscow Poster Competition, 2020, Russia

Peruvian Design Biennale 2019

16th International Biennale of Theater Poster 2019

Gwangju Design Biennale 2019

Chinese Pattern Design 2019

Not a FairyTale 2019

Ecuador Poster Biennale 2018

X international Eco-poster Triennial

(4th Block) in Ukraine 2018

Invitational Exhibition of international Designers

, SILK ROAD SPIRIT, China 2018

The 5th International Contest “Stop

Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries ” 2018

4th Shanghai Biennale OF Asia Graphic Design

in China  2017

Poster On Politics in US 2017

Exhibition for sustainable

Development  in Korea 2018

Radicalization, Iraq, 2020

Ink Design, 2020, China

Resource Ocean, 2020, China

Barcelona Design Week, 2020, Spain

1st Teheran’s Art Heart 2017

STOP HATE Poster Exhibition in Poland 2019

LAG Poster Real World/ Virtual World 2019

First Power of Role Lei Feng Spirit Public Poster

Design Invitational ,Exhibition in China 2019

Two Leaning Towers Invitational Exhibition 2019

Season of Peace and Germination 2019

International Invitational Poster exhibition

“ Posters of Troy” in Turkey 2018

Taiwan Annual Poster Exhibition of TPDA

members  2018

The 10th Asia Graphic Deign Triennial 2018

Visual Information Design Association of

Korea’s invitational exhibition 2018

The Fifth Zodiac Pig Culture Design

Competition of Chinese Design 2018

Co Show Biennial , USA, 2021

Second Beer Culture Creative Design Week

China, 2021

Shusha is the city od culture of Azerbaijan,


Love and Peace, Japan, 2021

Fusion and Participation, 2020, Belgium

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