‘Formula-E’ racing competitions from today in Hyderabad

‘Formula-E’ racing competitions from today in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Formula racing, when many people hear this name, they think of cars that rush like bullets and take turns without control at high speed. The formula racing that has been enjoyed on TV for years will be held in Hyderabad from today. The ‘Formula-E’ race will entertain Hussainsagar shores with international competitions. The much-awaited ‘Formula-E’ race will begin today with a practice match. Residents of the city will get a chance to watch those races which are seen abroad so far. A 2.8 km street circuit has been laid out for international competitions along the banks of Hussainsagar. The race will start from Lumbini Park and go from the side of Secretariat to NTR Garden via Mint Compound and IMAX. Electric cars from 11 leading automobile companies will participate in the competition. 22 racers will compete. As part of the security measures, large scale barricades and spectator galleries have been set up on both sides of the street circuit. The first practice race will be held at 4.30 pm. Tomorrow there will be the second pre-practice race at 8:40 am, the qualifying races at 10:40 am and the main race at 3 pm. Drivers from different countries have already inspected the track. The organizers learned from the failure of IRL and took precautions regarding the track and audience galleries. It has been revealed that arrangements have been made so that around 21,000 people can watch the competition. Police have completely cordoned off the areas around NTR Marg, Secretariat, Mint Compound, Telugu Thalli Flyvantena where the racing will be held. 

Officials have arranged parking at 17 places:

Secunderabad- Tankbund road will be closed. An additional 600 people will be deployed for traffic control. A musical fountain floating on water and a laser show have been set up at Hussainsagar with a cost of 7 crores for domestic and foreign tourists coming for racing competitions. In the laser show that will last from 7 to 9 in the evening, the cultural and traditional moments of Hyderabad will be displayed. Tourists standing on the road can watch for free, while boats run by the tourism department offer a closer look. After the Formula-E race, the fountain and laser show will continue.

Formula E Hyderabad track

In line with Formula E’s goal to bring racing to the city centres, the Hyderabad E-Prix will be held on a street circuit alongside the Hussain Sagar Lake. The 2.835km long circuit also winds through Lumbini Park and features a total of 18 corners.

We’ll have to wait till February 10 to see the Formula E cars out on track, but Gill believes fans and drivers will be in for an exciting race.“It’s a technical circuit, like what we saw in Riyadh, but I think this will take it to the next level because we are going to see some high-speed stuff. There are one or two slow corners like the hairpin bend, etc. But overall, turns 1, 2 and 14 are we are going to see some difference between the drivers in terms of their capabilities,” he explained.

Given his nine-year stint at the helm of Mahindra Racing, Gill is no stranger to the world of Formula E. But he’s on the other side of the fence now, in charge of organising India’s first-ever Formula E race. “I have a lot more respect for Formula E now,” he quips.

“In Hyderabad, we’re not really disrupting any residents since it’s the park area. Despite all of that it’s been quite a logistical challenge. I’ve been here for a month and it’s been 16-18 [work] hours every day. But we’re enjoying it!”

Gill further highlighted that “the various nodal agencies – Central and State, have really stepped up to help on this event”. For example, clearances have been given to ensure that all the Formula E cars can land at Hyderabad airport directly to help the logistical part of it all. “I’m pretty positive that it’s going to be a lovely event.”

Formula E Hyderabad tickets

The venue has a grandstand capacity for around 20,000 spectators, and the tickets are divided into multiple categories.

At the time of writing, the Rs 1,000 Grandstand and Rs 4,000 Charged Grandstand tickets have already sold out. The Premium Grandstand (Rs 7,000) and Ace Grandstand (Rs 10,500) tickets are still available, though. There’s also the Ace Lounge package for a whopping Rs 1.25 lakh. Those interested in buying tickets for the Hyderabad E-Prix can click here.

It’s quite a vast price range for the tickets, but Gill says the logic behind this was to ensure that everyone who wants to attend has an option. “We have actually subsidised quite a few tickets also, which we are selling,” he explains. “We just want to make sure that for anyone who is interested, the affordability should be there.”

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