Farewell, The Caricature Knight – Late Great Artist Gomaa Farhat Exhibition Memories

Announcing the Arab Society for Caricature Arts on the Day of Loyalty to the Caricature Knight, Juma Farhat In a festive atmosphere, Dr. Said Ghoneim, Director General of Al-Ahram Foundation, inaugurated the exhibition “Farewell, the Caricature Knight, Gomaa Farhat,” which is organized by the Arab Forum for Caricature Pioneers in cooperation with the prestigious Al-Ahram Foundation, in the presence of a large group of artists, led by the artist Faraj Hassan Ibn Al-Ahram, the artist Mohamed Hakim, the artist Said Badawy and the artist Hassan Al-Masry. And the artist Nabil Sadiq, along with the artist, Mohamed Gomaa, son of the artist, Juma Farhat, some members of his family, and a large elite of intellectuals and painters who crowded the exhibition hall. Exhibition tour The founder and director of the Arab Forum for Caricature Pioneers, Imad Jumaa, started a tour of the exhibition with Dr. Saeed Ghoneim and the attendees, starting with following up on the works of the late great artist Jumaa Farhat, the original social and economic ones, in which he treated many issues with an expert eye, using his feather as a scalpel. People and their suffering, based on his love for the homeland and the sincerity of his Arabism and nationalism.

The exhibition also included caricatures on Arab, regional and international issues, as well as sports paintings about Al-Ahly and Zamalek showing the extent of artistic diversity enjoyed by the late artist, Jumaa Farhat, along with some covers of Rosal Youssef magazine drawn by Farhat in the seventies. The tour continued with more than 60 Egyptian artists who presented a wide range of portraits of the late in different styles, ranging from classic portraiture and caricature in pastel, charcoal, lead and watercolor colors, each in his own way and style. The tour see some personal documents of the late Cards and Carney He received award certificates and certificates, along with a large collection of rare photographs that chronicle the art of caricature, including most of the cartoonists of different generations, which are from the holdings of the Arab Caricature Museum. Announcement of the announcement of the Arab Society of Caricature Arts Regarding the announcement of the Arab Society for Caricature Arts, its founder and director of the forum, satirist Imad Gomaa, says: At the outset, we would like to thank the ancient Al-Ahram Foundation, which hosted this event, so that Dr. The late great Juma Farhat, who followed the steps of its founding until the last moment in his life, and he dreamed of attending the moment of its publicity and announcing it, but it is God’s will, so it was announced on the day of its celebration in fulfillment of him and appreciation for his giving It is worth noting that the celebration witnessed a group of words of loyalty to the late Jumaa Farhat presented by a group of artists and writers, along with a poetic quartet in his lament Imad Gomaa adds: This association is a dream come true and has been the demand of many painters for decades. It aims to unite Arab artists under one umbrella and calls for social solidarity among artists.

Courtesy:Emad Gomaa Emam

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