CHILD SURVIVAL It is the movement of contemporary artists to save the world and humanity by artists

It is the movement of contemporary artists to save the world and humanity by artists, which started with child survival
Joining the movement to support the development of literacy is spreading kindness and opposing any destructive behavior in the world
 As artists and human rights activists, we have a duty to prevent the destruction of the world and teach the next generation, who are children, not to push the nuclear button even if the interests are at stake.
 We are currently organizing and collecting images to join and support the movement and we will organize it more in the future
We leave an ugly legacy for future generations and hand them bad weapons and bombs
We must give children a healthy environment and a world free from any kind of hatred and violence, full of love, purity, friendship, intimacy, beauty, and full of friendship and kindness.
It is the duty of all of us to give our children a world full of many beautiful species of animals, trees, flowers and butterflies.
For the first time in the world, the child survival movement is carrying out this protest movement with the support of artists, we are against any destructive behavior in the world.
We ask legal and international organizations to use their efforts for a safe, healthy and beautiful world without weapons, without hatred and without killing.
Our children want life, not bombs, they want water, forests and culture, not war and hate
Zakariya Al-Razi Father of Pediatrics His treatise, “The Diseases of Children,” has led some .”historians to regard him as the “Father of Pediatrics
Give the Gift of Reading
Create Opportunities for Under-Served Children Through Literacy
Reading is the single most important skill a child needs — yet many lack access to books. Founded in 2018 by Reey Raz to honor his Zakariya al Razi, Child Survival strives to make books accessible to all children.
Child Survival Pledges to Distribute 1 Million Books
The Child’s Survival Project gives books to children who need them for equity in literacy, learning, and life.
We aim to create a more socially just world by providing books for free to under-resourced children. Literacy attainment is directly tied to academic achievement and lifetime outcomes, yet children in economically disadvantaged communities do not have the same access to books as their more affluent peers. The Child Survival Project is committed to closing the opportunity gap and lifting up community by raising readers.
We are an independent movement on behalf of the Razi Museum under the guidance and support of Mr. Reey Raz , Director and Chief Curator of the Razi Museum
The Zakariya Al Razi
shows that ideas can change the world. The courage, creativity and perseverance of the Razi inspire us and give us hope for the future.
Clear vision
Zakariya al Razi inventor, was a Persian physician, philosopher and alchemist (ca. 865-925) conferred the greatest benefit to humankind. and had a clear vision about serve humanity.
The Razi Museum and the stories of are the basis for a broad range of public outreach activities that show how we can learn from history in order to understand our present-day world and influence our future.
A better world
We think of a better world, Our mobile exhibitions will travel around the world. We work with teachers and meet thousands of curious students – Survival and training for is one of our cornerstones.
The symbol and logo of the Razi Museum was created with great sensitivity and precision by studying the period of Zakaria Razi by the prominent graphic master of Iran, Mr. Mohammad Ehasaei, and was donated to the Razi Museum.
The childsurvival logo was designed by Mr. Reey Raz, we intend to prepare and report and present a field report on the state of children in the world by the childsurvival movement to pay attention to children and their future world.
Courtesy: Mr. Meysam Hosseini
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