Chief Illustrator/Artist Mr. Soumyadip Sinha From Chennai, India.

Soumyadip Sinha

Born and brought up in a small and remote village called Debipur in Burdwan district made Soumyadip fall in love with nature at a very early age. He had very limited friends. He started drawing on the walls with chalk pencils even before he was introduced to alphabets. His father had a transferable job. They soon shifted to Chinsurah, where Soumyadip did his schooling and spent his formative phase.

Soumyadip did his masters degree in Microbiology. After passing out, he got his first job at a laboratory in Kolkata. After changing 3 jobs in 5 years, he decided to shift to creative field. His introvert nature prompted him to convey his ideas and thoughts through humorous illustrations. That was the main reason to start cartooning. He didn’t know anyone in this field and had no art background. He used to keep posting on social media and got a chance to connect with people in the related field. Finally Soumyadip cracked a job in media industry.

Soumyadip’s editorial cartoons and illustrations have been published in Sambad Pratidin, The Quint (digital) and The New Indian Express. He also worked with BBC India, Govt. of India, UNICEF and The Times of India. Being self-taught, Soumyadip was inspired by many stalwarts- Sir David Low, Ronald Searle, Gary Larson, Morten Morland, Angel Boligan, Ralph Steadman, Michael Ramirez, R K Laxman and Mario Miranda to name a few. He got lots of guidance from seniors like Nitin Tuse, Debasish Deb and Uday Deb. In his spare time, Soumyadip tries his hand in painting and sculpting.



Soumyadip relocated to Chennai where he is currently working with The New Indian Express. He is proficient in both traditional as well as digital drawing. The medium can vary depending on subject.

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