Cartoonist Mr.RAMÓN DÍAZ YANES (MONGO) from Cuba


Particular address: Alejandro Oms number 173 between Maceo and Manuel Ruiz City of Santa Clara, County of Villa Clara, Country Cuba

Age: 49 years

Graduated in Architecture at UCLV (Cuba) 1997

Graphic artist for the weekly Melaito de la Ciudad de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba

I collaborate with the main newspapers and magazines of Cuba (Dedeté, Juventud Rebelde, Granma, Cuba Debate, Bohemia, Vanguardia, Picúa and internationally with the digital magazine DosBufones (Miami, USA), SUPAPO, Grifo  and the Cartoon Movement digital platform (Netherlands).

Awards obtained:

3rd prize for erotic humor at the 2018 Santa Clara International Humor Fair

Special mention of humorous cartoon International Biennial of graphic humor Cuba 2019.

Collateral Prize of the ACAA International Biennial of Graphic Humor Cuba 2019.

I have participated in several group exhibitions in Cuba.

The interesting thing about my story is that I started to publish at the age of 44, I graduated from Architecture and because of those things in life I moved away from drawing and dedicated myself only to my profession, then everything has been different with graphic humor. He completely captivated until today and has given me a lot of happiness. I still dedicate myself to architecture but I no longer know how to live without publishing my drawings. Greetings Mongo

Greetings From: India Toons