Cartoonist Mr.Hamit GIŞ From Hatay, Turkey.

Hamit GIŞ

He was born in 1987 in Hatay, Turkey.

He graduated from the Department of Visual Arts Teaching at Konya Selcuk University in 2010.

He started to work as a teacher in a public school in 2011.

He started drawing cartoons in 2012.

Until 2017, his cartoons depicting the social and cultural situation of the people of the Caucasus were published in various magazines.

His cartoons were shown in 6 exhibitions in Ankara, Samsun and Kayseri.

In the same years, his works were exhibited in Hamburg Ethnology Museum and Heidelberg Ethnology Museum in Germany.

Since 2017, he started to participate in national and international cartoon competitions and exhibitions.

In total, he won 6 awards in these competitions.

His cartoons have been in many exhibitions and catalogues in different countries.

In addition to his caricature studies, he continues his teaching career and gives painting and caricature training to his students. So far, he has illustrated two story books and prepared a coloring book for children.




Bursa Yıldırım Municipality International Cartoon Contest, Third Place (2017)

İzmir Bayraklı Municipality National Cartoon Contest, Second Place (2018)

Antalya OSB NAtional Cartoon Contest, Second Place (2019)

Istanbul 3. International Jerusalem Cartoon Contest, Mansion (2018)

National Eflatun Nuri Cartoon Contest, Second Place (2019)

Denizli Municipality National Cartoon Contest, Third Place (2020)


Dimak culture magazine (TURKEY) 2012-2014

Jineps newspaper (TURKEY) 2014-2016

Nart Magazine (TURKEY) 2012-2016

Nanu children’s magazine (TURKEY) 2015-2016

Circassian stories for kids -1- (TURKEY) 2017

Circassian stories for kids -2- (TURKEY) 2017

Nart coloring book (TURKEY) 2017

Mızağe magazine (TURKEY) 2018

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