Name                            : FARCASANU

Surname                      : SERGIU LUCIAN

Nick Name                  : FARS

Date of Birth               : 12-01-1973

Country                        : Romania

E-mail                            :

Cartoonist since        : 1990

Published Cartoons above 2500 in Romanian Press

First Cartoon was published in 1990

First Group Exhibition in 1991

First personal Exhibition in 1992

First prze in 1993

FACEBOOK                  : FARS (@fars.caricaturi) or sergiu farcasanu

Instagram                    : fars.caricaturi

Website                       : http://

I Have a weekly column on the successful Journalastic site


  • 3rd prize at CIEL Humor Contest 1993
  • 3rd prize National Humor Contest “Liviu Oros” 1993
  • Mention prize at National Humor Contest “Liviu Oros” 1998
  • Mention prize at National Humor Contest “Liviu Oros” 2000
  • 2001-2020 Kidnapped by Aliens on the Business Planet

  • 2nd prize The XXXVII International Competition of Satirical Graphics “Marul de aur” Bistrita 2021
  • I made my debut in Romanian newspapers at the age of 17.
  • I participated with my cartoons in about 50 international exhibitions.
  • Greetings From: India Toons