Cartoonist Mr.Ernesto Rodríguez Castro from Havana, Cuba

Ernesto Rodríguez Castro (Cuba, April 27, 1986)

He collaborates whith “Melaito”,”La Picúa”, “Bohemia” Magazine, “DDTé” and “Supapo” Magazine.

He has participated in the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Santa Clara from 2016 – 2019.

He has participated in the exhibition “whith the same Melao” in 2018.

He has participated in an exhibition for the 51stanniversary of “Melaito” in 2019.

He has participated in the “Comics in the time of Covid” contest created by the Belgian Embassy and the Vitrine de Valonia where his work is in the virtual exhibition.

He belongs to the Ibero – American Union of Graphic Humorists.


Greetings  From:  India Toons