Cartoonist Mr.Derkaoui Abdellah from  Kenitra, Morocco

Derkaoui Abdellah cv

Born in  (morocco) 1970

In 1992 started his real carrier publshing his cartoons in daily newspaper (anwal) (bayan al yaoum ) (maghreb al yaoum )

1993  won the award of Naji Al Ali held in london….

2003 – 2004   participation in (salon international du dessin de presse et d’humor ) france

2005 the first prize of “i-expo 2005 salon international de l’information numérique gfii”  in paris

2006  the biggest award of  (irancartoon) website

2006  Award of Excellence from  National Press Club of Canada

2011 participation in international visitor leadership program ( usa )

2012 the prize of best cartoonist  ( forum of arab young media professionals) in Amman

2018 special prize of first international festival of african cartoons in morocco

2020 won  Morocco’s Book Prize of the Children and Youth Book (Ministry of Culture)

membre of the International Caricature Federation in Morocco-FECO Morocco

vice President of the Moroccan Association of Caricature (MAC)

The most of his  drawings published in many Arabic magazines ( Ashahid )  ( Ashaab al Aarabi) and Jordan newspaper (Addustour)

publishing his editorial cartoons in international website (cartoonmovement)

Right now he isin   publishing his editorial cartoons in  daily newspapers “asshra al-mghribia ”

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