Cartoonist Mr.Constantin Pavel From Focsani
Constantin Pavel
I did years studying fine arts. I worked six years in aviation (supersonic).

I played football in Division B wing Bacau.
I did about 10 animated films. I have illustrated several books.
I participated in exhibitions and public international cartoon drawings now in the international press.

-Tokyo , Japan – Hidezo Kondo Prize
 Tokyo , Japan – Special Prize
-Tokyo, Japan – 5 prizes Excellency
-Kyoto, Japan -Ohotsk Hall Prize of Kyoto
-Montreal, Canada – First Prize / comics
-Vercelly, Italy- First Prize 
– Shanghay, China –1st prize 
-Beijing, China – Second prize
-Costinesti, Romania- Grand Prize
 WoffsburgAustria   First Prize
-SintraPortugal  First Prize
-Barcelona, Spain  First Prize
-Vaslui, Romania – Grand Prize
-Barcelona, Spain, Second Prize
-Barakaldo Spain  First Pize
– Skopje, Macedonia- First Prize
 -ViandenLuxembourg First Prize
-Seoul, Korea – Grand Prize / 2012
-Seoul, Korea – Grand Prize / 2014
 LubbenGermany –  First Prize. –
 –Braila, Romania, Grand Prize
– Kruishoutem, Belgium – Second Prize
 Knokke-Heist, Belgium , 3rd Prize
– Knokke-Heist, Belgium- 3rd prize
Piracicaba, Brasil – 3rd prize
– Piracicaba, Brasil, 2nd Prize
– Rhodes,Greece – 3rd Prize
– Teresina- Medplan, Brasil, First Prize
 I was part of several international juries caricature: Istanbul, Deva, Bacau, Braila. The cartoons my appears in many newspapers and magazines in the country and abroad: Bursa Today, Courrier International, Le Monde, The Week, The Wasington Posr, Nebelspalter, Yomiury Shimbun, Tages Anzeiger, Dayly Tribune, The New Asia Observer, WOX Europ, Play with Boy, Basler Zeitung, etc.
I have illustrated several books. I have published two books for children: Alex & Tudy  and Few weeks and balloon.

My cartoons were purchased by several museums in the world of cartoons, but cartoons and collectibles.
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