Cartoonist Mr.Annam Sreedhar Bachi (Bachi) from Vijayawada, India

I started my career as Cartoonist in the year 1977 and my 1st Cartoon bagged a Certificate of appreciation in ‘VENKAT AWARDS CARTOONS COMPETITION-1977’. With the guidance of legendary Cartoonists of good olden days Sri Jaydev Ms Ramakrishna and Katoori I drawn several Cartoons and in all these above 40 years many of my Cartoons having been published in all Telugu Magazines apart from English Hindi Tamil Malayalam and Kannada leading magazines particularly during my college days between 1977 to 1987. Nearly 20000 Cartoons are published in all languages.  In Carvan women’s era Sun Bhoobharathi Wisdom and News Time English Daily my Cartoons are published.  Several feature Cartoons appeared in telugu magazines Andhra Bhoomi and Andhra Jyothi Navya. My feature ‘Teenmaar’ in Navya is a popular among them.

           I bagged several Awards for my Cartoons including the prestigious Bapu Ramana Award apart from the other Awards ie., Talisetty Ramarao Award Malla Jagannadham best Cartoonist Award etc. I got several prizes for my Cartoons from various magazines including Swathi, Andhra Jyoth, Jyothi, Times of India, Hasyanamdam etc.
Besides being Cartoonist I am an Advocate in High Court of Andhra Pradesh and a Stage Artist bagged Golden Nandi Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2009-10. I am also a writer and my stories were published in various telugu magazines and bagged several prizes….Bachi
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  1. Bachi, as he is popularly known is an established Telugu cartoonist . He has been at this hobby for the past forty years and he has not cooled his heels. He has made it a point to draw a cartoon everyday despite his professional duties. He finds comfort and relaxed his muscles with his subtle strokes of line and colour and apt gags that will make you laugh and enjoy the fun. I am one of his ardent fans.

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