Cartoonist Mansoure Dehghani From Iran.


­Frist name: Mansoure

Last name: Dehghani

Date of birth: 1981/5/6

Country: Iran

City: Isfahan

Bio:I was born in Iran/Isfahan in 1981.

I started cartoon in 2014.I got many ranks from National and International contests.I am married and I have two child.

I  am working  with many newspapers, magazines and press in Iran.

Education:  I’m educated associate of painting and BA in Graphics.

I have Holds adistinguished Calligraphy of Iranian association.

I have presented one personal exhibitions. And I have participated in many national and international group exhibitions





  • Special prizeof The 28th  Internationa Andromeda/Italy 2020.
  • Special prize(best cartoon)of The  29th international SICACO 2020/COREA.
  • Special prizeof festival We Defeat CoronaVirus/IRAN2020
  • First prize of festival embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran-kenya2020
  • Special prizeof The 13th international Urzinesi Romani2019.
  • Special prizeof The  Women Cartoonist international Award/France2019.
  • Selected Fifth International Festival Gold Panda 2018 in china.
  • Special prize for the 12th International Environmental Protection Festival(chinadaily) in China2018.
  • Special prizeof The Second International Safe Community Cartoon Festival, Mashhad 2018, Iran
  • Finalist of Internationa cartoon festival Portocartoon 2018.
  • Finalist of 4th international festival cartoon Noticartoon Colombia 2018.
  • Special prize(HM cartoon)of The  26th international SICACO 2017/COREA.
  • The Iranian candidate of the best cartoonist in 2016 at the site of Toonsmag in Norway.


  • National
  • The Grand prize of Traficator Cartoon Festival in Esfahan/2019
  • The Grand prize of The 10th Press Festival  in Esfahan/2019
  • The second prize from the 10th North Khorasan Bojnourd Cartoon and Cartoon Festival(Javan)/2019
  • The second prize from the 3rd Tehran Tehran m.s Festival/2018
  • Special award of the first National festival of Identity in Isfahan/2017
  • The Grand prize of the First Sari Remnant(pasmand) Cartoon Festival in July 2017
  • Third rank of The 10th Press Conference of Isfahan/2017
  • Selected Rank of the First Virtual and Virtual Media Festival in Isfahan/2017
  • Selected award of the seventh festival of Bojnourd with the penetration Iran 2016.
  • Special award of the first National festival of Water treasures in Ahvaz/Iran 2017.
  • Appreciation of the jury committee and honorary diploma of the frirst without tobacco products in Tehran/Iran 2016.
  • Special award of monthly cartoon festival of Bezangah/Iran 2016.

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