Cartoonist, Journalist, Writer, Satirist Mr.Yuri Shamne from Kazakhstan.

Yuri Shamne – Cartoonist, journalist, writer, satirist from Kazakhstan.

Yuri Shamne, was born in 1952.

Professional journalist, editor, satirist and cartoonist, parodist, writer, poet, feuilletonist, songwriter, hymns (text and music), musicals; graphics, master of comics, postcards, drawings, games for children and adults; children’s writer, illustrator; screenwriter; specialist in image, advertising (including their own innovative advertising projects), the formation of public opinion, the organization and conduct of show programs; creator of constructive projects for the political, social, national, tourism and cultural spheres. Freelancer.

I worked and published in various newspapers and magazines in different countries. Author of over 30 books, about 3000 different cartoons for children and adults.


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