Cartoonist Jorge González Morales From Mexico

Jorge González Morales.
He was born in Zacatlán Puebla., Mexico, lover of art and letters, he is passionate about drawing eyes, graphic designer at the “Universidad de Oriente del Estado de Puebla (UO)” currently working as a teacher at the “Universidad Alianza Hispana” in Chignahuapan. , Puebla, teaching graphic design, advertising and marketing subjects as well as doing political caricatures for regional television and radio media. Active member of the International Network of Visual Creators A.C.


“No to suicide by AS-Comunicación” Rock Evolution event in 2009, appearing in the magazine “Instintos. The poster served as the main image for pro-life prevention talks of the station “Radio Milenio 98.1” Argentina, the same poster has been published in countries such as; Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico and Uruguay.

Exhibitions: joint in the Zócalo de Zacatlán, as well as in the “Museum of the Mexican Army and Air Force”, in the State of Puebla, in March 2017 with posters in tribute to the Danzón Zacatlán. Illustrator for the book; “Three hundred sixty-five more + one Haiku” by the author Jorge Lemus Abreu, year 2017 BUAP book fair. In January 2019, an exhibition of posters in the State Congress, headquarters of the State Deputies of the City of Puebla with posters from the Danzón Zacatlán.

-Peace & Love selected in 2018 in the “DMZ ART & Design 국제 초대전 year 2018 International exhibition” beyond peace, Korean design forum (cofod) appearing in the new catalog (pp.318-319).

-Selection of the Green Please poster at the Vidak Exhibition. “Visual Information Design Association of Korea” December 2018 appearing in the corresponding catalog (p. 60).

-January 2019 was selected as one of the 50 graphic designers worldwide to expose for the 100 years of independence and democracy at the “International Art & Desig Association of Korea IADA # in the Republic of Korea, appearing in the catalog (page 65) .

-July 2019 selected at the “Internactional Invitational Exhibition jointly organized by the Korea Gyenonggi Design Association and the Creative China Design Confederation”, at the museum of the Heilongjiang Museum University of China and Uijeongbu Arts Center of Korea.

-December 2019 at “The 3rd International Design Works Exchange Exhibition” Communication Desing at Howon University in Korea. Appearing in the event catalog (page 111).

-October of the year of 2019 participates in the “Gwangju Design Biennale International Invitational Poster Exhibition Humanity” in the Republic of Korea. Appearing in the corresponding catalog (page 82).acatlán.

-Exhibition in Year 2019 of Tolerance in United Arab Emirates, at the Dubai Design Association Poster Festival.

-Invitation to the exhibition “Paper Beauties Oriente, Li Paper” pattern Design International Competition “Zhimei Dong Fang Fengyaliyun” Special Exhibition in China.

-Invitation to the exhibition of the “Biennial Award” Father Love, Wisdom Design “in China.

-Invitation to the exhibition at “Breath Symbiosis” 2020 International Graphic Design Exhibition in China.

-KCA Exhibition extends the personal invitation to participate in the collection of “VIRUS IS OVER, Global Anti-Virus Graphic Design Exhibition”, in Taiwan.

-Poster exhibition in “The Warm of City, 2020 International Commonweal poster Design Invitational Exhibition of Anti-new Coronavirus” in China, appearing in the digital exhibition.

-Digital Exhibition “Reading and a Better Life” -2020 “World Book Day” International Public Wel in China.

– Invitation to the Exhibition regarding “The world in the 5G future” in Malaysia.

-Invitation to the exhibition of the world Graphic Design community, “Calanca Biennale” in Switzerland with a “Help I´m Burning” motif poster.

My personal information:

LDG. Jorge González Morales, 25 of November in 1982


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Jorge González Morales – “MY GEORGE”

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