Cartoonist Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek From Poland

Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek

I was born in 1955 in Toruń /Poland/.

In the years 1975-80 I studied at the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 1980, I defended a diploma in graphics.

For many years I have illustrated children’s books/over 40 titles/, and 26 multi-panel calendars for children. I also practiced easel painting, graphics and fabric sculpture.

Since 2013 I am also a cartoonist.

I had individual exhibitions and participated in many international exhibitions and competitions /over 200 /

I have won  46 awards and mentions in international cartoon competitions.

My cartoons were shown, among others, in GAG, Aneddotica Magazine, Mundiario, UWC Cartoon Magazine, BirkitapbindosT Magazine and printed in Hasyapu Harivillu Bilingval Cartoon Monthly Magazine / India /, Epigrama Magazine / Romania /, Foro a Peneira / Spain / and Latin Magazine of South Carolina / USA /.

From 2017 I am an advisory member at Union World Cartoonists.

In 2018 I was nominated by Cartoon Home Network International for the title “The Best Cartoonist of the Year 2018”.

From 2019 I am the Polish representative of the Bir Kitap Bin DosT Electronic Journal ( Turkey)

Jury member:

JAIJAGAT 2020 International Cartoon Contest and Exhibitions, India

III International School Cartoon Festiva 2020l, Portugal

Cairocature- 2nd International Cartoon Contest 2020, Kair, Egypt

6 Concurso Internacional de Caricatura y Humor Grafico NOTICARTUN Colombia 2020

Galleries of my cartoons and interviews on websites (details in “Publikacje”):

Animal Cartoon,

Best Cartoons,

Cartoons Anthology ( 2 galleries )

Galeria Satyra & Surrealism ” Na Drabinie “,

Irancartoon ( in Gallery, Interview, Exhibitions and Artists ),

Promocja Współczesnej Sztuki Polskiej

That Creative Blog

Union of World Cartoonists

Anneddotica Magazine

FANY-BLOG- interview /2020-“Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek and her vision of the world” interview in English by Francisco Punal Suarez – among 10 most popular posts of 2019 in FANY-BLOG/

My individual  cartoon exhibitions :

2016 / 2017 – “Fairy tales and Legends”- exhibition of illustrations and satirical drawings, Toruń, Dom Muz

2020 –  Exhibition of  cartoons “Blade through a pillow” in  “Satyrykon gallery”, Legnica, Poland

Prizes and honorable mentions from 2013

2013- Olense Kartoenale “Clean surface water”, Olen, Belgium – Special Prize For The Best Polish Entry /”Summer”/

2014- Tuba Satyrica, Toruń – Grand Prix /”Kite”, „Dragon”, „Winner”/

2014 – Olive Cartoon Contest, Cyprus – 1st prize /”Defender”/

2014- “Smiling Cat” Cartoon Web Contest “Crow” – special mention /”Crow & Fox”/

2014- Kutno Station- satirical illustrations competition for Jeremi Przybora, Kutno- 2 prize /”Atumnal man”, „Cheerful rain”/

2015- PortoCartoon “Light”, Porto, Portugal – 2nd prize /”Safe light”/

2015- Olense Kartoenale “Energy, yesterday, today, tomorrow”, Belgium – 4th prize /”Time for memories”/

2015- Sicaco “Primitive and modern life”, Seoul, South Korea – Gold Prize /”New tradition”/

2015 – Drawn Humor Competition Seeing of Unseeing, Slovakia – special mention /”Love”, „New eyes”/

2015 – Noticartun “Consumption is happines the world?”, Colombia – special mention /”Excess kills”/

2016 – Satyrykon “Zło”, Legnica – Special Award of the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw /”Family life”/

2016- The First International Animal Cartoon Contest 2016- “Zoological Garden”, Belgrade, Serbia – 1st prize + author’s website /”Favorite”/

2016- International Competition of Satirical Design About Kite, Roma, Italy- group of finalists /”

2016- 12th International Cartoon Festival Solin 2016- “Archeology”, Solin, Croatia- Grand Prix /”Art of cavemen”/

2016- 14th International Cartoon Drawing Contest-Carpik 2016, Niemodlin- 2nd prize of Agricultural Market Agency of the Regional Branch in Opole. /”Carp revenge”/

2017- Sejong International Cartoon Contest “Trauma + Healing”, Seoul, South Korea. – Theme Prize /”Way to feel better”/

2017- 1st International Slowcity Cartoon Contest, Seferihisar, Turkey – Special Award /”In harmony with nature”/

2017- 19th PortoCartoon World Festival- “Tourism”, Porto, Portugal – special mention /”Happy holiday”/

2017- 25th International Satire & Humor Contest Studio d’Arte Andromeda- “Culture”, Trento, Italy – special mention /”Mixed up”/

2017-“Kite & wind”, Rome, Italy- honorable mention /”Kite and the wind”/

2017- 2nd World Humor Award- “Artificial Culture”, Salsomaggiore, Italy-   Excellent Trophy /”Welcome to the virtual world”/

2017- 19th Antiwar Cartoon Salon International Contest „Kragujevac 2017”, Serbia- Grand Prix  /”First aid  for peace”/

2017- The Power of Your Brain International Call for Submission- Hyperkreeytiv , Philippines- prize- author’s website /”Erruption”/

2017- 26th Sejong International Cartoon Contest Sicaco 2017 „Success & Failure”,Seoul, Korea- Theme Prize /”(Un) successful catch”,”Short success”/

2017- HumoDEVA -”Winter”- 12th HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest- “Winter” , Romania – Excellency Prize- Special Honor Diploma i Personal Gallery on /”Dream”/

2018 – 20th PortoCartoon World Festival- “Clean the planet”, Porto ,Portugal – special mention /”Blue sky”/

2018 – 4th International Competition Of Caricature and Graphic Humor NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA 2018- „Woman” (Colombia)- honorable mention / „Guardian”/

2018 – 1st International Union of World Cartoonists Cartoon Contest – „Cartoon contests”, Turkey – group of 5 winners /”Show”/

2018- – 12th International Zagreb Car Cartoon Exhibit- „Towing service”, Zagreb, Croatia –  Grand  Prix /”Ambulance”/

2018 – 26th Sejong International Cartoon Contest Sicaco 2018 – “Con x De + Struction”, Seoul, Korea-  Grand Prize

/”Construction after destruction”/

2018 – 12th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni 2018- “Together 100”, Urziceni, Rumunia- Gold Prize

/”Still together”/

2018- 1st International CAIROCATURE Cartoon Contest- Egypt 2018-“The outsider”, Kair, Egipt- 2 prize

/ ” Mismatched”/

2018 – The World Humour Festival “Dictatorship of Money”,Calarasi, Rumunia – Excelence Prize

/”Slaves of money”/

2019 – BirkitapbindosT 2nd International Cartoon Exhibition & Competition- ” Children love unconditionally”, Turkey – honorable mention

/” Full of love”/

2019 -13th HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest 2018 – ” Bad Luck”, Rumunia -Excellence Award+ Special Honor Diploma and Personal Gallery on

/” Day before”/

2019 – 3rd International Festival of Cartoon in Africa ” Morocco 2019″ – “For cities without children in street situation”- honorable mention


2019 – Caneva Ride 2019 – ” Like father, like son”, Caneva, Italy – 2 prize

/” Dad & son”/

2019 – S-CooMix 2nd International Award of Humor and Satire – “I Robot”, San Juliano Milanese, Italy-

1 prize /”True Love”/

2019 – 10th International Biennial for Caricature Masters of Caricature – “Pig”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria-

awarded title ” Master of Caricature” /” Feast for all”/

2019 – 5th International Competition Cartoon & Humor “Noticartun”-“Olympic Games, Sports….” Colombia-

honorable mention /” Flying puppy”/

2019 – Biumor- 30th Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell Arte “- ” Hatred”, Tolentino, Italy-

honorable mention / ” Racial hatred”/

2019 – 28th Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2019- “Hot and cold”, Seoul, Korea-

Theme Prize

2020 – International Cartoon Competition and Exhibition, Malaysia 2020 ” Save Our Heritage” , Balain Kartun Rossem ( Malaysia )- Honorable Mention /” To keep in memory”/

2020 – 12th Don Quichotte International Cartoon Contest ” No to Violence against Women” ,Istanbul (Turkey)- Special Prize of Yeditepe University /”React to evil”/

2020 –  “Values of  Kuşadası” International Cartoon Contest- 2020″ Life in Kusadasi” (Turkey) – honorable mention / “Friendly and tasty”/

2020 – First International Competition  IT IN CARTOONS -“Social networks”, Kiev (Ukraine) – Honorary mention Prize /” Hidden truth”/

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